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corns for sale
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    For sale I have the following CB14 hatchlings/CB13 all will have had three consecutive feeds and shed at least once. Any problems arise within 24 hours of getting snake home a full refund will be offered or a snake of equal value:- CB14 Hatchlings 1.3 Amel het Diffused, Anery, Hypo, Stripe...
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    hi i have 5 corn snakes for sale they hatched 2 weeks ago and havent eaten yet .i dont know the sexes of them and what type they are sorry for my lack of nolige but we keep mainly royals and our 3 corn pets layed some unexpected eggs this year i wont to sell all 5 and amm asking 50 pound for the...
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    Hey i have for sale a CB09 High White Amel male corn snake , he's for sale as I have no time for him due to my college studies . Am open to Sensible offers , I can provided a RUB and heat pad if a sensible price is offered. He is eating , shedding , defecating etc fine . he eats 1-2 small/med...
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    I have decided to cut down a lot, have a quieter year next year, and keep back a lot of this years babies for future pairings. so, I therefor have this lot for sale... 2011 1.0 Hypo bloodred motley 66% poss het anery.. over 200 grams, stunningly bright snake £200 2009 0.1 Hypo bloodred 66% poss...
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    hi all i have various bits for sale due to having to move home. (not wanted but have no choice.) first up i have an adult male royal weight 1200g empty. great to handle prooven breeder good feeder although he doesn't seem to like rats much but will take them if tided to the leg of a chick or...
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    :devil: all im keeping now is my leos, my oldest 2 corns and one dragon :sad: right this is a must so not gonna list prices just what there is, need to go asap, like yesterday. pm me if interested please. Any relevant info can be advised then have listed what i know and rough ages 1 male...
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    Hi all, These are the adults we have for sale in time for Doncaster in June. Please let me know if you are interested or would like some pics. We are always willing to listen to offers too. Available adults: 1.0 2009 Fire het Anery Hypo ph Charcoal £80 1.0 2008 Snow Motley £60 1.0 2008...
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    Hi Our first list of available hatchlings - all these have had at least 3 consecutive feeds and should be fed at least twice more before the show. The list will be updated as we go along. :) Clutch number 1129 4.0 platinums het amel £75 1.3 powders £150 Clutch number 1110 1.0 Diffused ph...
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    Hi I have a male anery and a female amel corn snake for sale, £15 each or best offer, both proven breeders, just unfortunatley have to downsize my collection Pictures will be emailed to serious buyers, any questions please ask All the best
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    Afternoon. I'm looking at selling my 4 adult corns. I've got one 100% female, 1 suspected female & 2 100% males. The female recently gave me 21 eggs after being in with my normal male. She is feeding again and gaining weight nicely. I will post pictures later today of each snake and the viv...
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    Sad sale due to change of circumstances. Sensible cash on collection offers please to good homes. 1 male butter (cb 09) - can be quick when first picked up but not feisty. 1 amel stripe - really clean lines and lovely orange colour (cb09) 1 amel male (cb09) very bright orange and reds -...
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    baby corn snakes £30each 5 for £105 normels black with orange paches on back and 1 armel orange stripe tame all about 7/8 munth old quck sale call or text me as limited internet acsess 07895230774
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    Parting with the last few of my corns. All good eaters and shedders. Good temperaments. 05 Classic Male het Anery & Amel £20, may need a bit of a diet 05 Female Anery het Ultra £50 06 Male Amel Stripe het Anery & Hypo £50 stunning stripe 09 Male Amel het Anery ph Lavender £10 09...
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    hi there i have for sale is a male and female unrelated pair of corns one a lavender and anery 2 creamcircle red, orange, and white, all eatin, pooing and sheddin fine open to offers on these or swaps for normal royal python
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    Hi, I have a pair of corns back up for sale. Both feeding and shedding well. 1x amel female corn, 5 yrs. £50 1x anery male corn , 3 yrs £30
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    hi all i have 9 2010 ghost corns £25 each 2 lavenders [pos hypo] £45 each 1 opal [pos hypo] £50 also proven pair 05 ghosts corns £100 pair all have records pics on request will do deals thanks for looking paul
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    I have got to put my daughters two beloved snakes up for sale, she is a competitive swimmer and just does not have the time to handle these guys and give them the tlc they need. Can people give me the ideas on what to ask price wise for : 1x full set up including a roughly a 3 ft male Amel...
1-18 of 28 Results