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corns snake
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    My Partner recently bought me a baby corn snake, he's the one labeled snow not sure of the technical term.. we got him as a bargain, he was £65 for the snake his entire setup which includes, 18x11.5x6 inch Wooden Terrarium aspen substrate, water bowl decorative plant, coconut hide heatmat with...
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    no idea of morph anybody any ideas
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    I have a number of 2010 corns that hatched 5 weeks ago. They have all taken at least 4 feeds on defrosted pinkies or more. They all come with a free small plastic tub they are in and will be fine in there for about a month or so. I have a few that haven't yet taken a feed & these can go to...
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    After two weeks or so of having escaped, I found my corn snake inside the guinea pig's cage (they were fine :)). I put him in his viv, offered him food and he struck the mouse nearly immediately (must've been hungry, poor guy). Anyway, I was observing him that some of his scales, are loose...
1-4 of 4 Results