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    This years baby scaleless corns looking for new homes. Both parents are het amel and mother is an anerytheristic. Prices from £250. Please message for further details.
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    Adult Butter corn female Thanks
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    Hi Guys We are setting up some breeding projects so we are after more corn snakes. Males and females juvenile to adult all colours. Simply send us a DM of what you have available and what you are looking them. We can collect from you all across the country
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    CB 2014 blizzards corns: male and female blizzards owned since hatchlings. dog tame, eat shed and poop as they should. vivariums are identical inside and out, and come completely decked out. mint condtion as only 4 months old too. going cheap as work and travel plans mean they arent getting...
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    Available hatchlings, UK wide delivery from £40, ask for a quote. Local pickup from Aberdeen area. 3.1 Tessera £30 1.0 Diffused £30 1.1 Opal £50 1.1 Hypo Lavender £40 1.0 Plasma £40 2.0 Stripe £40 0.1 Ultramel Tessera £70 2.0 Amel Tessera £55 1.0 High Pied Pewter £110 2.0 Charcoal...
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    Currently available are: 0.1.0 Caramel motley het amel 2.2.0 Butter het motley 3.3.0 Butter motleys All have had at least 6 feeds and are growing like weeds. Most are tolerating handling more, a couple are still a bit squirmy. Caramot het amel - £25 Butters het motley - £25 Butter motleys £30...
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    I have some snakes I want to swap for a short tailed Borneo python. 1x Pastel Het for Clown Ball Python 1x Common Boa 2x Corn Snakes The corn snakes are a breeding pair and one of them is not a standard. All 4 Snakes are healthy; They eat, shed and poo fine. There are two large vivs available if...
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    Hello, I am looking for various snakes - some easier than others to obtain. Boiga species B. cyanea pair preferably B. Ochracea again pair preferably B. Dendrophila again pair preferably B. Nigreceps female wanted Boiga i would prefer if possible CB however will be happy to work with WC...
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    Hi all! So, some of the hatchlings are now ready to go. All have had at least 6 feeds, most are taming down quite nicely and have almost stopped musking and biting. Pick up Trowbridge, Wiltshire, or I'm willing to courier them at your cost and arrangement. NB: PROOF OF SUITABLE SET UP IS...
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    I'm having to part with some of my snake collection due to an unexpected move. I'd prefer to sell them all together, but I've listed all of the individual prices however if you take all I will take £500 for the lot. I have pictures of all of the snakes, I can send via Facebook or Whatsapp...
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    Gorgeous corn snake hatchlings from August '16. Many great possibilities with this bunch! All very tame and never any problems feeding or shedding: 1.0 Fire Tessera (Amel, Diffused) het Charcoal pos het (66%) Lavender, Hypo (could be homo) £110 (main thumbnail image) 0.1 Hypo Diffused...
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    Male Opal 3.5 yrs old Female Amel het lavender 4 yrs old Come with Rub and heat mat both feed well had there first clutch of 22 eggs this year produced some stunning hatchlings £35 for the pair including RUB and heat mat
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    Royals female Cb12 proven normal female 1600grams - £80 Cb12 pastel female 1566grams - £80 Both for £150 Pair of corns Cb12 Amel motley stripe male Cb13 Amel female Pair for £40 Email: logan_[email protected] Thanks
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    Needs to be delivered as i dont oun a car yet. Looking for a boa corn or royal for decent price, Dont need any equipment or viv as i got a few ready already. will pay extra for fuel PM me with details and pics cheers
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    As above male snow het lavender female amel het stripe het lavender both come with large rubs or snakes alone for 35
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    I have the following snakes for sale and I will have a table at the Donny Show on 1st November and will hold snakes for a non refundable deposit. All snakes were weighed on 02/10/15 1.1 Blizzard Corns proven breeders laid 21 eggs this year. £130 for the pair. Male Blizzard weighs 949g approx...
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    Reducing my collection: Proven Male adult corn snakes - Ghost (anery/hypo) stripe het amel - £40 - Amel stripe het lavender - £40 Proven Female adult corn snakes - Lavender Stripe het amel, anery, hypo - £40 - Moonstone (Anery Lavender) Motley - £50 CB15 babies, hatched 4 - 6 July, all good...
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    CB15 Corn Snakes for sale Amels and Butters left still a couple of Masque based examples all feeding well on defrost pinkies will come with full feeding and genetics records Amels £15 Butters £20 males and females available based in Taunton
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    I am going away travelling soon and unfortunately means I am going to have to sell most of my collection, I have had many of the snakes from a young age and it will be upsetting to see them go. If you need any more information or would like to see pictures pm me at any time. All snakes are in...
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    Nice young pair of corns male snow het lavender and female is amel het lavender het stripe both come with there own rubs will be ready for upcomming season and should produce some stunning lavenders only sellibg as new job means I am in and out of countrya bit more 50 for the pair inc there rubs