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cornsnake morphs
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    Good Evening, I have started a group on Facebook called "Cornsnake Lovers UK", This page is for anyone who wants to show off their Cornsnakes and Enjoy the many morphs. We are a friendly group who care deeply about our pets. The only rule to using Cornsnake Lovers UK is that you respect other...
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    Hello, I have a few snakes for sale due to change in breeding plans. The following are for sale: Snow Mötley male Cornsnake 54g - £40 Opal Mötley male Cornsnake 98g - £50 Lavender Mötley female 114g - £50 Courier can be arranged by buyer if required. Discount if multiples bought...
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    cb12 cornsnake hatchlings, all feeding, shedding & pooing, most strike feeding.. parents can be seen f; oketee m; bloodred het hypo lavender, lovely snakes, all come wih box & waterbowl. all sexed 13 left, mostly female. thanks for looking.
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    cb12 cornsnake hatchlings 6wks old, all feeding,pooping & shedding good, 25-30 quid each, will do sexed pairs for 45 quid.. got 16 left offers welcome for anyone wanting all 16... got second clutch due in another 4-6 weeks also:2thumb:
  5. Snakes
    HI i need to know the morph of my corns as they ae going to be breeding and also if anyone would be able to tell me what i could expect from them when she lays? Reptile Forums - hayleigh's Album: Whats the morphs of these corns?
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    all corns are cb11 an bred by a breeder on rfuk, ive had these snakes about 4-5 months there all feeding every 4-7 days on pinks an have never missed a feed, think they'd take every day if i let them, shedding an poo'in regular,:2thumb: all have never stroke or bit yet, but the anery female can...
  7. Snakes
    Does anyone know what Morph this beautiful snake is? Dad was a Black Motley, the mum a Ghost of some kind. Thanks in advance :D
  8. Snakes
    Hey I live in Northern Ireland and am having very little luck with finding any interesting corn morphs. Can anyone recommend any one/where that I could get a Miami cinder corn snake and Hypomelanistic corn preferably male of one and female of the other?
  9. Newbie Advice
    I'm currrently looking for a CB10 cornsnake, this will seem like a stupid question to most people on here. But here goes anyway, what does the Het, Hypo etc. mean? Some of the cornsnakes on here have extra long descriptions, what does it mean & why is it so important to breeders? Sorry for my...
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    we have for sale atm the following snakes all eating well bred by ourselves so parents can be seen male normal het snow stripe (snake no 4) female amel stripe het anery (snake no 8 )...
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    1. Male, proven breeder. He is a strawberry snow, eats and sheds well £80. 2. Female Leucistic Texas Ratsnake. Eats and sheds well. £80. 3. Female Blizzard Corn Snake. She eats and sheds well. £80. If interested call or text 07907282153. paul.
1-11 of 11 Results