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    Hi 🙋‍♀️ I’m new to snakes in November got my first corn snake. I was checking him like usual and have noticed his inside is black? I don’t know whether I should be worried or it’s just his insides because he is very see through ? He last ate on Tuesday so is due to eat again today. Please can...
  2. Scaleless Cornsnake

    Scaleless Cornsnake

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    These lovely corns were born in August 2020 (CB20), so have a well established eating and shedding routine. Parents can be seen. If you're new to snakes, corns are a great starting point. Happy to provide advice and care sheet if needed. If you want 2 or more, then I'm willing to consider...
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    This years, own bred, well started scaleless corns. Het amel and possibly anerytheristic. Males and females available priced from £200.
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    I currently don't have a snake but am really interested in getting one! I wanted to know if either of them prefer being handled because I want to be able to handle them lots. I would also just love some general comparisons! Thanks! SN
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    I have 4 corn snakes for sale. All born June 2019. All feeding weekly on small mice (thawed from frozen). Each comes with a fully set up, plug and play oak colour vivarium with heat source, thermostat, hides, water bowls and bulb guards. Message me if you have any questions and for more photos...
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    I have a 2011 vanashing anery motley corn snake that has been proven many times . She has also laid early this year but is ready for a second clutch. Always feeds well and deficates and sheds perfectly. If Interested please send pm. Thankyou for looking.
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    Hi there, I'm just in the process of ordering a new viv for my cornsnake. Her old set up (which she's been in for over 10yrs) just used a heat mat for heating (this was the advice I was given at the time) alongside 5% UVB tube for lighting. Having been reading around though I understand that a...
  9. Snakes I am a new snake owner and am noticing these red spots under my 4 month old corn snake's belly. My snake is otherwise active and seems healthy. What is this? HelP!
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    Hi everyone, I got my bloodred albino corn snake about four months ago, and I'm noticing some red pigmentation on the underbelly. I'm really worried about it. I've attached photos. Any ideas of what this is? I'm terrified it's scale rot :( my snake is active and seems normal otherwise. There is...
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    1 x vivexotic wooden vivariums. 42cm high x 38cm deep x 58cm wide. Both have heat mats, lights and vivexotic locks. Painted chalk white. Some chips in the paintwork but i still have the tin of paint so you can touch it up. £40. Can include some hides and bowls if needed
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    Leaving the hobby due to circumstances outside of my control. Happy to ship if needed, otherwise collection from BA11. All snakes are adults or sub adults and healthy. Butter Motley male, 3ft, CB12, very chilled out Butter Motley female, 4ft, CB13, chill Anery male, 2ft, CB17, bit...
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    WTB a scaleless or het scaleless cornsnake with anery and amel as hets or full Will courier to Somerset Let me know if you know a seller who has scaleless corns
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    Looking for adult/sub-adult corns. Prefer morphs with lavender and snow but open to anything you have going except normals.
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    Hello just wondered if somebody could try to ID my cornsnake please he was sold to me as 'Tessera'
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    hello, I have just set up my first cornsnake viv, I am collecting the snake on Friday but want to have everything set up and ready. I am struggling with getting the right temperatures, I have set my thermostat to 29 C but it doesn't seem to be working as its only reaching 25 C (which is also the...
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    So I bought my corn snake from someone before me and they said when they first had it that it was loved being handled Now they said they haven’t held it for year or 3 years or somthing and yes well..... I tried to go pick it up and it just tried to hunt you lol I’d there anyway to get it back...
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    Hi just bought my first corn snake and she has a couple different morphs in her just wondered if you could help me understand what they all mean she is: : Anery Het Amel, Charcoal, Hypo, Motley Anery meaning absence of erythrism - the red pigment in their skin and scales if you could...
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    Hello, I have recently become a mom to a baby corn snake. The lady I got baby snake from said she was born in March this year and said she had eaten before. I have had her for 2 weeks and she has not eaten at all. I have tried twice. SHe has a heating pad, access to water, hides and a good...
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    I've seen some articles/videos advising that a good way to give a snake a shot