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    Late CB11 Amel cornsnake for sale 11 months old sexed as male. Feeding on rat pups, shedding and pooing well. Loves to be handled. Sorry for some reason won't let me put photo's on with the advert. If you want photo's just pm me your email address and I'll send some to you. Please only contact...
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    hi everyone im selling my corn snake pair, *one is a male anery/ghost? stripe 2 years old *one is a female caralina also two years old both come with rubs,heat mats,hides,water bowls,thermometers and a proper shedding hide each thanks james. ps will put pics on when i can find my camera
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    adult male lavender het amel poss het bloodred, proven breeder, beautful colours - £65 adult female ghost cornsnake- will breed next year, £60 sub adult male amber corn snake- het various £35 adult male amelanistic cornsnake, het caramel and stripe- thin as went on a feeding strike during...
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    I have for sale a very nice pair of Texas Rat Snakes. Pm for more details. I also have a female abotts okatee snake and 1 of her hatchlings for sale.
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    heyya i have some cb12 cornsnakes for sale, asking £20 each, let me know if your interested, eat and shedding well, growing fast!
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    Amel and Carolina corns for sale CB12. All eating, shedding and pooing fine. Tenner each.:2thumb:
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    Hi i have 2 clutches that have hatched. Please see this thread for pics The first 3 hatchlings are ready to go now. I have 5 from the first clutch that need a few more feeds before they...
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    Hi i have 3 hatchlings that have each had 6 feeds that i need to sell but before i do i would like your ideas on what morphs/ hets they are as i am useless when it comes to that! The dad is a normal colour with reduced black borders and a plain belly. I was sold it as a normal but from what i...
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    kinked amel stripe- £5 carolinas, about 3 left- £10 amels, 2 left- £15 hypos 1 remaining- £15 sunglows, 1 left now!- £20 hypo stripe, may not let this go, i love it!!- £30 amel hypo stripes, getting nicer everyday, started off white and red now are bright orange- £45 amel stripes, nice orange...
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    2012 corns available. Sunkissed stuff. 0.1 100% Het sunkissed anery caramel lavender motley £50 5.5 sunkissed ph amel anery £20 Bloodred stuff 3.0 goldust bloodred £150 each 2.0 hypo bloodred 66% ph anery and motley £40 each 2.1 bloodred 100% het lavender 66%...
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    I just bought a snow corn and she is a female, and my sisters corn is about 6 minus how old do males and females have to be to breed?:blush:
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    I have 5 non feeding hatchlings born on the 10th june that i am getting really worried about. I have tried feeding them every 5 or 6 days with brained mice. Today i cut them in half and soaked them in tuna but still nothing! One looked interested and has moved it but not eaten it. They look so...
  13. Planted Vivariums
    Does anyone keep Cornsnake's in natural, planted vivariums? Any ideas, photos or suggestions? I'd be really interested to see and hear them as I'd like to give my corns nicer environments. :)
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    I have for sale 3 female Carolina cornsnakes and a female Carolina Motley cornsnake. All have taken over 10 feeds and have shed a few times now. As you can see from the pictures then are really bright and clean examples. I want £10 each for the Carolinas or all 3 for £25. The Carolina motley has...
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    We are still planning to be at Doncaster For more info and individual photos please check on our available page RAT SNAKES 0.1 Mexican Bairds Rat Snake Pantherophis bairdi Yearling - Feeding well on defrosted fuzzies CB11"Jasmin" £50.00 1.0 Whitesided Black Rat Snake Pantherophis...
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    i have for sale a few cornsnakes 1. Alki male normal 3yrs old Price £35 2. Babu female amel 3yrs old Price £35 3. Lexi normal not sure on sex 3yrs old Price £35 buyer to collect cannot seem to get pics up but will send via email if anyone interested...
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    Hey all, Looking for some adult corns to begin some projects with. Would require minimum 3 or 4 genes, either as homo or het (min 4/5 in that case). Preferably with a pattern (motley or stripe) thrown in there too. The more the merrier! Looking for some interesting animals I can align with...
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    CB12 Silverqueen Hatchlings All Eating, Pooing and Shedding Fine Silverqueen Cornsnakes £ 99.99 each ovno Pictures can be emailed over on request
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    I have 5 Caramel motley corns born 11/12-5-12, 3 male 2 female have had 2 feeds and a shed to date eating every 4 days £40 each dicount on multi buy. will put pics up tomorrow
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    i have 2 male cornsnakes that i am looking to sell or trade. one is a adult miami and the other is a sub adult i am looking for £25 for the adult and the sub adult i am looking for £20 or i am open too trades of most discriptions