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    Tank & Accessories: - Juwel Vision 180l (Bow Front) with stand. Dimensions: 96 x 42 x 55cm Some minor scratches, not noticeable. - Tetra Ex1200 External pump with spray bar and spare pump head. - Heater. - T5 Dual light bar, reflectors & tubes. Fish & Decoration: - x1 Large Mopani Wood - x2...
  2. Fish Keeping
    I am wanting to convert my unheated tank to heated so I can keep corydoras. First a few details about my tank. - 15 gallons - Bioflow mini filter - Currently unheated (temp around 22.5 degrees celsius) - Currently have 5 White cloud mountain minnows & 5 old danios - Latest water test results...
  3. Aquatics Classifieds
    Due to downsizing to just one aquarium I am selling the contents of my second aquarium, before selling the aquarium itself. I have a 2 yr old 12" Orange Rose Queen female Cichlid. Currently lives with a 10" Common plec (also for sale £10) and 3 Bronze Corydoras (For sale £5 for the 3) She is a...
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    Have around 15 pepper corydora's free to good home. Of course i dont expect one person to take them all so please contact me if you are interested in any number of them. They where all born around december/january, so 3 months old.
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    I'm trying to find some Panda corys for my single little fella. All his friends passed away due to a tan crash, and for the past 6 or 7 months I've been looking for more but can't seem to find any anywhere. If anyone knows of a place in lincolnshire with some in stock, or happen to breed them...
  6. Fish Keeping
    i bought my first 2 corydoras 2day, and all seemed fine up until about 2hours ago, wen i decided to see how they were doin. Unfortunately they dont seem to be doing to well...they seem to be gasping/breathing fast one is lay on one of the plants but the other that appears to be in worse shape is...
1-6 of 6 Results