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corys and tetras
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    COLDWATER FISH: Blackmoor £2.99 Red Cap Oranda £2.99 Sarassa Comet £1.99 Calico Shubunkins £2.99 Red and White Goldfish £2.99 White Goldfish £2.99 GoldFish £2.49 Yellow comets £2.49 Black comets £2.49 Red Cap White Goldfish £3.49 Ghost Goldfish £2.99 Calico Ryukin £3.99...
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    I couldn't wait and I'll be checking the water really carefully, but I got some new fish today :mrgreen: . Neon tetras first Pepper corys The danios have hidden away and are sulking as they have to share.
1-2 of 2 Results