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    Hi there, I have for sale a few CB 2012 O.p.coxi. 2 males and 2 unsexed. All are feeding on defrost pinkies. These guys are easy small snakes that prefer cool and humid conditions. (Room temperature is sufficient). No additional source of heat required. They work well in a small naturalistic...
  2. Planted Vivariums
    Hi, well after spending a great deal of time and resurses making 11 vivs look as natural as i can with a load of plastic plants - I have finaly realised that a bioactive planted viv is the way forward for my snakes! DOH! still better late than never! So i have started to build a 3'long 2'high...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    I have a 2011 male O. p. coxi for sale. He's a ravenous little feeder (Mind your fingers!!), surplus to requirement in a breeding project. An opportunity to get an unusual little snake that is not that commonly available. Can be picked up from Doncaster or delivered around the M25 within reason...
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    The animals listed will be on our tables @ the following events:- Snake Day, Houten, Netherlands _ October show. IHS Doncaster _ November show. Pantherophis guttatus _ 2011 Hatchlings 2.2 Bloodred hetero Pied-Sided, Stripe, Anery _ 1.1 Sold 2.2 Granite hetero Hypo, Amel ph Lavender...
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    Selling on behalf of my brother, an early 2011 female thai red mountain ratsnake, Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi. Purchased at Hamm earlier this year but due to change in circumstances my brother has had to sell all his animals. Strike feeding on fluffs, 15 inches long, shedding and...
  6. Snakes
    Yesssss......... This morning we find our gift from one of the O.p. coxi females :roll2: Excuse the quality of the photo, I was concentrating on the fact that this lady had, not yet, finished laying (see bulge bottom right of photo): Yeeehaw :mf_dribble: Regards. Lex
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    Wanted mandarins/coxi and broad banded rats Will swap for adult female Hogg island, 2010 female sunglow and maybe a couple of others. Cheers
  8. Snake Classifieds
    Having unfortunately lost my adult female in brumation, I have available an adult male coxi, just out of brumation, looking healthy and alert and ready to go ! He can come with his exo-terra viv with heatpad and lighting (keeping the stat), for £220, or if anyone would be interested in a...
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    collared lizards - £45.00 each or £80 a pair Baby bearded dragons - £19.99 (free with complete set-up) CB cuban knight anole - £29.99 green anoles £9.99 each Sub adult bearded dragon males - £39.99 (free with complete set-up) Sub adult female bearded dragons - £65.00 adult male bearded dragons...
  10. Snake Classifieds
    One pair only cb 2010 coxi. Feeding well, and growing fast. Only selling to fund new hoggie - o/h says no more cash from the bank account this year!! May swap for mandarin ratsnakes. C/B only please, any age, but would prefer 2010 hatch. Pics to follow when my camera's fixed
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    Due to a complete time waster, I have a pair of albino hoggies availble. Both 2010 hatch, and both orange albino. Will post pics tomorrow, but they look like any other young orange albino hoggies. They are £500 the pair.
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    Recently hatched pair of coxi for sale £350 the pair ono, or may swap for for tri-coloured hoggies
  13. Snake Classifieds
    2010 hatchling male O.p. coxi for sale £150 ,or swap for a pair of Grey Banded King hatchlings or WHY, phone 07777 606600 or PM if interested
  14. Snake Classifieds
    '10 hatchlings available ,males £170, females £270, pairs £420, PM, e-mail ,or phone 07777 606600 for pics and more details