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crawl cay dwarf boa
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    On the 29th of july 2013 my female crawl cay boa gave birth to 6 beautiful babies £100 each After established feeding of at least 6 consistent feeds they will be up for sale Any interests please p.m for details
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    Great feeder, poos & sheds well too. Nice example of a true dwarf locality boa he's not even 4ft! Got him as part of a "deal" with the intention of finding a female but have decided not to go in that direction. Pm for swaps/questions etc to save excessive bumping
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    I'm looking at selling a couple of my boas, an 09 female El Salvador (pic attached) I also have a CB07 Crawl Cay male and an '05 Crawl Cay male, originally from Gaz ( PM me with any questions / offers you have as i'm unsure how much I want for these really! will consider swaps...
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    these are the only three from this litter that will be released delivery at cost within 300 miles port talbot tel:07813723259 regards gaz
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    FOR SALE Genuine with paperwork from gaz at gazboas, 09 male crawl cay boa. Awsome colours , good to handle , eats every week on large mice , strike feeder. Sheds and poos as he should . Pictures available on request:no1:
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    crawl cay dwarf boas from £150 salmons from £100 dwarf salmon pastels 66%het albino from £250 pastel dwarf boas from £120 tree boas hortulanus/ruschenbergerii all sold out,more expected late summer mail: [email protected] tel: 07813723259 delivery at cost of diesel regards gaz
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    good feeders,both sexes currently available delivery £35 within 250 miles at cost further afield regards gaz
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    I shall start with a 2010 animal regards gaz
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    regards gaz
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    Hi all, I have a corn snake and I am thinking about getting a crawl cay boa at the portsmouth reptile show. What should I have ready if I get a baby? I am planning to use a 2'x1'x1' until it needs bigger. I am putting a shelf and more branches to maximise space. I currently have my corn in...
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    whilst grubbing about in photobucket came across these pics of 'ghost crawl cay dwarf boa' has been bred to anery crawl cays this year,and founder tangerine line crawl cay dwarf boa,currently gravid regards gaz
1-12 of 12 Results