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crawl cays
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    Im concentrating on my leopards now so im letting some of my boas. 1.1 pair of cb13 Crawl Cay boas, both eat like demons on small rat weaners. They shed and poo fine. Fine to handle and have only hissed a couple of times when in shed. Cb13 female boa, she also eats really well on small rat...
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    Just took a few quick snaps on my iPhone to show the differences in crawl cays. these are both 2010 females in an 18l rub for the pics. The darker one was produced by Anne & Terry (cute& scary) up in Scotland from parents bred by Gazboas. Is really dark even compared to most other crawl cays I...
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    I currently have avaliable 2 Adult Male Crawl Cay Boas. They both eat small rats every 14 days and shed and pass waste as expected. Both have thier moments, like most dwarf boas but once out and being handled they are fine. The first is a 2005 Male who has stunning colours on him. He goes...
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    Due to recent financial problems, I have sold most of my boas. These are the last 2 Crawl Cays I have. 2005 male who has some nice pink colouration going through him. He is a stunner during his light phase. 2007 Male who is possibly hyper melanistic (uncreased black pigment). He is...
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    Hypos poss Het moonglow's 100% Het Sharp Snow from IanYork and her sis who is very clean and I love her and the male little hypo Crawl cay from Gaz
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    This is my beautiful new stack, courtesy of Volly. It was an epic saga getting everything sorted but it is finally running. I got the boas in yesterday, well chuffed. The bottom of the three vivs isn't running still :( broken AHS! but the top do are going nicely. and my female Crawl Cay...
1-6 of 6 Results