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  1. Fish Keeping
    I have a blue crayfish, and he has recently shed around his tail successfully. He was then very active for a couple of days. He is usually great at searching for food and chasing the minnows in his tank, but for the last two days he has hardly moved. He's still alive but not moving much at all...
  2. Fish Keeping
    A friend has a Blue Crayfish and he has escaped from the tank (the crayfish not my friend), I have a couple of questions to ask on his behalf... How long can a crayfish survive out of its habitat? Are there any likely places to look for it? Would they travel far, is it likely to head for a...
  3. Fish Keeping
    Any idea what this guy is? He's turned blue and getting huge. Knocks about with our lobster in the tank. Just curious!
  4. Fish Keeping
    Put this in the wrong place earlier so heres Ozzy saying HELLOOOO...
  5. Other Pets and Exotics
    HELLO EVERYBODY!..Hee Hee....:flrt:
  6. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi i am looking for a blue lobster/crayfish or another kind of crayfish, please pm. Thanks
  7. Fish Keeping
    Hi guys. I'm looking at getting an internal or sponge filter for my crayfish tank. It's between 15 - 20 gallons. There is just one crayfish and some snails in there (and a few live plants). I have, unfortunately, quite limited funds. The Fluvel U3 looks good, I think, but I was wondering how...
  8. Fish Keeping
    As a new member, I thought i would start a thread about my Crayfish, and see if anybody else is keeping one? Not many people i know are keeping these, and those i know that have tried ended up moving them on or killing them by not knowing what they are doing or because they started eating...
  9. Fish Keeping
    My Blue female is dropping her eggs, sort of removing them one by one with her feet, pulling them off. Now, I've no idea what to think of this, besides they might be ready to hatch? Should I gather them up and place in a hatchery? You're input would be much appreciated.
  10. Fish Keeping
    my mail red claw crayfish is eating all my community tank, fish what can i do i like it but its aggresive and im losing fish! suggestions?
  11. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi I am after buying both female and male redclaw crayfish, does anyone have any for sale thanks.
  12. Fish Keeping
    Hi, rather than inverts section i thought id get much more response here.. Iv taken on a redclaw crayfish, am wondering of a good diet for it also, any other info you can give.. Thanks:2thumb:
1-12 of 12 Results