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crb columbian rainbow boa
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    as title says, two female columbian rainbow boas, biggest around five foot, smallest around four foot, good healthy, stocky snakes, will make excellent breeders. no health or feeding issues, shed in one piece, great temperament! 5x2x2 foot solid back tank, walnut colour, ceramic heat bulb, pulse...
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    hello all im looking for a columbian rainbow boa must be 100 percent MALE and be around 2 years old plus, i live in dover kent but can travel thankyou
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    hello im looking for a columbian rainbow boa must be 100 percent MALE and around 2 years old plus im in dover kent i drive to so can come collect thank you
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    I have CRB hatchlings Avalible in March, Can take deposits now to garentee a snake. (Via Paypal Or Other Means) Can Also Arange Courier If Needs Be. PM Me. Can Show Mother But Not Farther. They Are Due Around The 26th March 2010 We Are Asking £50 Each, Can Also Do payment Plans. And Can...
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    Just got back from picking up my Columbian Rainbow Boa up from the pet shop, as the little guy had a prolapse by squeezing through the glass and out of the viv. Sorted the glass out now by putting these rubber cap sort of things on them and it seems fine. Here's a pic of him/her just as i put it...
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    Selling my adult Female proven bred columbian Rainbow Boa. Im selling her due to me going away travelling. She's A lovely snake with a great temperament. Makes Beautiful babies 2! :) Looking for £150 for her ono. contact me on 07837769591 cheers!
1-6 of 6 Results