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    Hi folks I have had my CRB Yawn for about two weeks now. I tried to feed him after a week and he refused the meal. On closer inspection it appeared that his eyes were milky and his scales weren't as 'rainbow' as they were at first. For the past day or two his eyes have seemed blacker, if Yawn...
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    CB12 Columbian Rainbow Boa Female £60 *OFFER £55*
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    Due to new arrival of a human baby & just not having the time to commit anymore- it's with a heavy heart that I find new homes for my scales babies. Male citrus leather back beardie- he's a big boy, friendly, laid back. Beautiful colouring. Has produced eggs with my female but I've never...
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    CB09 Columbian Rainbow Boa Male £80 *We also have a younger male for sale (£60) and a young female (£65)
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    After Xmas I has a massive issue with getting my CRB to eat. He was in a 4x2x2 packed full of stuff (he's just over 2.5 foot) Beginning of April at my wits end I wen and bought a 150l rub.... Well he's been a completely different snake. He's not missed a feed, to he point he strikes so hard and...
  6. Snakes
    A few days ago i purchased a hatchling CRB from a not hugely reputable pet shop if you catch my drift, anyway it was being kept in a 1.5x1 foot vivarium with high temperatur and very high humidity. Since getting it home i have kept it of coco fibre with very high humidity and a 30 degres side...
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    Female Columbian Rainbow Boa, approx. 16 months old Collection from South Lincs, PE11 Strike Feeds/sheds/poos without any problems
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    For sale is our 2 and a half (approx) year old columbian rainbow boa, he sheds, eats and poos well. We bought him as a male although never been probed from his size he does seem to look male. He is quite viv aggressive and doesn't really like to be handled however sometimes when you do get him...
  9. Snake Pictures
    picked this little fella up from coast to coast yesterday :2thumb: Very happy with him :)
  10. Snakes
    Hi Im getting a crb next week, as part of the "run up" to owning the little fella i've been doing some research and trying to find information regarding them, and there is very little information/videos/pictures about them, but if i wanted to find out about brb's there is an absolute shedload...
  11. Habitat
    Just wondering how long does Dendrosoil 'last'? We getting some for our CRB viv and don't have time at the minute to fit it so I was just wondering how long after we order it does it have to be put in the viv? Thanks! :) -Luke
  12. Snakes
    Adequate RUB size for a CRB pleasies :flrt: ??? I've got complete brain block after work today :-(
  13. Snakes
    My CRB shed about 3 weeks ago. Just got him out as haven't seen him since I fed on weds night, and he's blue eyed again. How often will he shed? I've upped humidity too. Thanks :-)
  14. Snakes
    Can this happen? He's gone from 3 rat pups, to 2 fluffies (started last week) and he's now banging on the glass for more? What do I dooooo? :gasp:
  15. Snakes
    with advice from a few guys on here, i upped my CRBs feed from rat pups to fluffs. she used to get 3 rat pups on a Wednesday evening, but i can her a fluff (huge in comparison!!) she chomped it down, but was banging on the glass for more so i gave her another smaller one, she chomped that down...
  16. Snakes
    today i upped my CRB's food intake from 2 rat pups to 3, normally after feeding she burrows down and i don't see her for 24 hours. she struck and took all 3 with no quabbles, but is now really active. She doesn't even look like shes eaten, was worried she might of regurgitated but there's no...
  17. Snakes
    Ok, many are going to think I'm totally sad-just like my hubby now thinks. Earlier I deep cleaned my CRB viv out as she's due a feed Thursday, and although I spot clean everyday, I try to deep clean once a week. The other day when I handled her, I noticed she was abit frosty eyed so I thought...
  18. Snakes
    As title says really :blush: East Sussex/Kent area Would like to find out what sex my CRB is, and don't really trust my vet to do it. Thanking yooooooouuuu :flrt:
  19. Snake Pictures
    I love my corns but the CRB has such a place in my heart. I want to see yours :D Here is mine, Tree Trunks :D
  20. Snakes
    for the last few days i haven't been able to maintain 30c in the warm end of my Viv. The highest its got is 28, but has reached lows of 24. The light is thermostated, but i don't have a heat mat in as in worried my CRB will burn her belly :-( what can i do to keep the temps up? humidity is...
1-20 of 164 Results