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    Hi everyone i recently added a few corn snakes to my large collection of reptiles and i Need Some General Advice. My 4Ft cremsicle Corn has Not Eaten For 3 Feeds Since Iv Had Him I Have Tried Different Sized Mice Large Being The Biggest And What He Was Fed By His Previous Owner Also Tried...
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    hey everyone, newbie here, got my first snake yesterday, a beautiful baby cremsicle corn, will upload some pics when I get some time
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    Due to serious lack of space my sons breeding trio if corns must go :-) Female snow female anery and make cremsicle. All proven. Both females r a little grumpy at the mo but both have been seen mating so could be why? :-) All roughly 3-4 yrs old. Eat on defrost n shed n poo fine. £50 for the...
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    Female anery Female snow Male cremsicle. All proven breeders and feed on defrost weekly and shed in full. Snow seen mating recently outcome unknown as of yet. £30 each or may do a deal for trio :-) No more time wasters please :-)
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    Due to lack of space I'm selling a adult proven female anery corn. Eats on defrost. A female proven snow eats on defrost and a proven adult m ale cremsicle. £35 each may do a deal for the trio :-) :-) :-) :-) Also 2 baby Carolina's left. £10 each
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    I have for sale two yearling corn snakes. one female striped cremsicle and one female butter motley. both eating really well, stunning snakes, would be great for a first snake. individually i would like to get around £70 each or £120 for the pair. female striped cremsicle female butter...
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    Hi We have a 2004 male Cremsicle for sale With Viv. Viv is 30x15x18 with heat mat sorry cant sell thermostat. This snake must go hence low price of £50 can deliver local bit further for price of petrol. THANKS FOR LOOKING:2thumb:
1-7 of 7 Results