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crested food
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  1. Newbie Advice
    Still worried about my crestie. She hasn't eaten at all for 4 days now. I know their appetites aren't great when they're shedding but.. surely 4 days is not normal? Also, the temperature in my viv wont stay above 22 degrees. I have a heat mat set on the highest it can go however it seems to be...
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  3. Lizards
    My gecko has always been fussy with CGD I've tried the complete Repashy and Clarks Banana flavour but he never really laps it up at all not even sure if he eats it, he could just me making prints in it with his feet lol Any one got any tips? maybe if I add some honey to sweeten it up? I've...
  4. Lizards
    what do you feed your crested Geckos ? What the best food out there ?
  5. Lizards
    Hi, Basically one of my older juvies, Kiki, seems to have stopped eating, she is roughly 9 months old and only 7g :( When I first got her she was fantastic, was eating fine, both cgd and locusts, even ate food off my fingers and she was putting on weight. Now however she refuses ANY livefood...
1-5 of 5 Results