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crested gecko hatchling
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    Starla hatched on the 17th September 2014 and is a un-sexed hatchling from Olive, a 3 year old adult female bi-colour with Dalmatian spotting, and Roger, a 3 year old adult male bicolour. Starla is eating well, shedding on a regular basis and putting on weight slowly, but definitely growing...
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    Crested gecko hatchling Wouldn't let me upload picture of hatchling so done one of mum £50 no offers
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    Hi Folks hoping you can give me a little advice :-) Tonight while misting my Cresty Viv I found this little fella on the glass, to say I was gobsmacked was an understatment. Anyway I have put him in a small plastic tub with some kitchen paper in the bottom, added a plastic plant and a milk...
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    I have been reading this forum for ages, now is the result on all the interesting read: Two hatchling crested geckos. Bred in cork (Ireland), it was the first clutch for both parents. Late in the year as I would not breed the mother too early, she did not lay any egg after that and with the...
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    Hey, We have 3 of our babies from this year up for sale. They all have the same parents which were a dalmatian x super dalmatian. Parents can be seen on viewing. They are all feeding well on repashy and crickets or roaches and will be ready to go to new homes in the next few weeks. Pick up...
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    im not a breeder but was wondering how long people allow their hatchlings to live together if any time at all.... particularly wondering about cresties??
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    These are a few from one pairing i have Mango and Mandarin, i am really pleased with the offspring from these 2 This first one is a tiny little thing 2nd one 3 4 I love this new one just hatched, even if it does have a few spots, aaarrrgh! Hope you like them, thanks for...
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    this little crestie was laid mid September and hatched 2 days ago 24/01/11 1 egg in the clutch and this little one was worth waiting for :2thumb: lovely creamy crests and very spotty!
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    Two of Marleys hatched today, never had them hatch within an hour of each other before, then Mallows last egg, which I am keeping, didn't want to be left alone obviously, I just checked on the off chance and there the little dude was! The pictures are a little dark, then my camera died, but got...
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    We bought a male and female pair of crested geckos from a forum member back in May and had witnessed mating, but could never find eggs. Then in the last week in July I decided to have a good dig round the tank and I found 4!! lol There were 2 nice big white ones (probably just laid) and 2 small...
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    Hello, I have three little stunners that will be ready for a new home by the time Doncaster is here. I will ask questions if I don't know of you to make sure my baby goes to a good home, and if you have any questions, I am more than happy to help obviously :no1: All are eating Clarks and size...
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    eggs were laid on the 24/5/10 and have hatched today, 25/07/10. Its clutchmate is still sleeping in his egg, so hoping he will hatch soon :D. The parents are a dark harlequin (m) and a orange flame (f). heres a few pictures :)
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    We put our dal project together this year, and much to our surprise, the first hatchling wasn't very spotty but this afternoon, we had our first hatchling from the pair who produced some real spotties last year and we are very pleased with the little one. An hour old.
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    So what you think? cute or what!
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    well my cresties took a while to get breeding and when they did i had 3 clutches of infertiles and now shes had 6 clutches all together, the first good clutch i didnt write down the lay date so theyve been growing and growing without me knowing how many days its been just over a week ago...
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    hi guys, ive had 4 cresties hatch, a weeks gone by and i cant seem to get them to eat! need help im new with breading these lil guys. im feeding the adults repashy food, they seem to love it. but the hatchlings are having none of it. Erol.
1-16 of 17 Results