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crested gecko help
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    Hi would anyone happen to know what these grey markings are behind my Crestie's legs please? Only been there today..... Cheers
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    Hi there, My chameleon has recently passed away and I have a 38 gallon flexarium from when she was younger, I read that crested geckos are kept fine in flexariums,I also read that they do no need any additional heat, my room is around 70f and I have coco fibre as her substrate,lots of...
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    what watt heat mat should i get for my crested gecko to stick on the side of my tank because my house is cold
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    hi i have 2 cresties but the female (who is about 2 1/2yrs old) was poorly about a year ago i was told from the ways she was acting that it was a lack of calcium she is now better and weighs 36g and i was wondering if it would be ok to breed her this year or if its best to leave it??? any help...
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    I goto my dads every two weeks for the weekend is it ok to move my gecko to a exo terra 30x30x45 she is in a exo terra 45x45x60 at my mums
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    is it ok to wake a crestie up so you can handle it ????
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    Can crested geckos hear music or will it scare them even loud noises just wondering because I love my music Any help will be gratefull
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    hi was woundering if i use paper towels if i could use a heat mat with it and will it burn the gecko???? ..... crested gecko
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    Hi everyone. I am having some gecko drama. I bought my crested gecko (Eddie- female) bout 7 months ago. Since I’ve had her she has not come into contact with any other geckos but much to my surprise I changed the substrate in her tank today and I found what looks very much like a gecko egg. I...
  10. Newbie Advice
    I am currently waiting patiently for the arival of my first crested gecko. I was just wondering if any of you guys could give a first time crestie owner any tips. I have a large exo terra faunarium for housing temporarily until he gets a little older. he is roughly only 2 months old at the...
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    hello! i am new to the forums and was hoping for some help. i am about to embark on the crested gecko journey but before i do i want to be fully prepared and up to date. ive done loads of research and got various care sheets but there are still some un-answered Q's!! I would appreciate anyones...
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    Evening all I've had my crestie a month now, about 9 months old I am told, and I have made a fabulous rainforest in my problem.... I never see her. The only times Ive seen her in the past week is when I have dragged everything out of the terrarium and found her lodged in...
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    Hi, A week ago I received 4 crested hatchlings from Lilly Exotics. I was very pleased with all of them, but, 1 of them has had a few problems. Since I received him, His back feet toes have been disfigured and 'shrivelled', This means that he can only use his front two feet to climb etc, so he...
1-13 of 13 Results