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  1. Habitat
    WE started off with a fish tank that was given to us by a neighbor. WE cleaned it twice with reptile safe disinfectant. We took the original light fixtures out and wired a normal bulb through the fixture at the top, We filled out the gap at the back with a pair of tights and masking tape, filled...
  2. Lizards
    Hi all, Currently have my boy in a 30x30x45 but wanted to upgrade him as I'm forever hearing him rustle around at night and think he might like the extra space to explore. He's 8 months old but a right heffer for his age (weighing him tomorrow but I think he's 25+g - Haven't weighed him in a...
  3. Lizards
    Hi all, my first crestie has been in a faunarium for six months and its time I think to upgrade him. I've read that glass vivs are better due to the high humidity. Would experienced keepers agree? If so - I see exo terra, komodo and lucky reptile vivs for sale. Who likes what and why? And has...
  4. Lizards
    also what age would you move them into an adult sized terranium? : victory:
  5. Lizards
    Hi Have my 1st crestie. Advised around 4 months old. Currently weighs 7g, eats like a horse, poops and shedding ok. At present have him/her in a 12.5" wide x 7"deep and 10"high faurnarium and have a 24"x18x24" exo terra waiting for him when he is bigger. My question is what...
  6. Lizards
    Hi my crested gecko is 3 months and I was woundering if it would be ok to put him in a exo terra tank that is 45x45x60 if when would be appropreate Any help will be appreciated :)
  7. Lizards
    my crested gecko is 3months and is living in a faunarium i have a 45x45x60 exo terra and i was woundering when i could move him in to it he is about 3 inchs any help will b appriciated :P
  8. Lizards
    hi i was woundering what age is suitible for a crested gecko to be moved into a 45x45x60 exo terra tank at the moment he is 3 months ??? any info will b appresiated: victory:
  9. Lizards
    Hi guys, im thinking about getting a little crestie to expand my collection beyond leo's and snails :) i heard that cresties thrive at room temperature so i measured the temperature in my room but it was only about 63 degrees farnheight :/ i do have a cold room because i like it that way so...
  10. Lizards
    Hey, im not particulaly looking to get a crested gecko but i was just wondering if you can keep them in the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums for their whole life? if so what size requirement does it need to be? i only ask this as i have seen so many people keeping their babies in them i just wondered...
1-10 of 10 Results