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crested gecko male
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    59g Female crested gecko, unproven but ready to breed, laying infertiles at the moment. dark chocolate extreme harlequin (two photos) 20g Male extreme tricolour crested gecko. will only get better as it ages.(one photo) visit gp cresties on facebook for more photos
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    Sloppy Joe Bred by crowned cresties Zelda X hobs 12g male £120 This boy will be perfect for your extreme/tri colour project! I'm only selling him as I'm very male heavy and don't have any plans for him. He loves live food, has been kept on uvb since I had him at 5g. This pairing will never...
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    Hi I have 3 crested gecko's all male was told they were female but turned out male. Would like to swap for females I have a partial pinstripe (9.2g) , tiger (16.7g), and Saffron (9.1g) all with tails e.c.t all eating repashy and shedding really well, need to separate asap before any conflicts
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    For sale from Northern Ireland until the 18th September or from Newport Wales from the 20th September as I move there soon for Uni. This is Yoshi my 22g male, I am not sure of his age as I bought him from pets at home and was told he was around 6 months old however they weren't sure. He eats a...
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    So I've got my proven adult male for sale as I'm too male heavy and running out of space unfortunately. He's a lovely friendly gecko and would make a great pet although personally I think he's a nice breeder male. He has huge floppy crests and fires up really bright with a cream back. He lost...
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    Friendly male crested gecko, has lost his tail. Available with glass exo terra viv 18x12x12", heat mat, polystyrene background, waterdish, artificial plants and bendy branch for £100.
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    Hello, This stunning little chap is now for sale. We picked him up at the PRAS show as part of a pair. Unfortunately its now very clear that she is most definitely a HE. Due to space and the number of males we already have we are unable to keep him so after discussing it with the breeder we...
1-7 of 7 Results