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crested gecko morph
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  1. Lizards
    I am having a hard time determining if what morph my gecko is. I am thinking it is the plain, pattern-less ones. What do you guys think? He is fired up in the photos.
  2. Genetics
    Hi, I just ordered a crested gecko. When I unboxed it to my surprise it was bright yellow ...Can anyone identify this colour morph for me please? Is there a name for it, or is it just... yellow? Thanks in advance!
  3. Lizards
    Hi all, So my boy is an orange tiger, about 9 months old. As far as I'm aware, neither of his parents have any dalmatian in them (though I know this isn't necessarily how crestie genetics work) but he's started developing a load of black and red spots. As I only really get him out when he's...
  4. Lizard Pictures
    Hi guys, I've had Little Pea for a while now and he was sold as a harley but I just want to double check with everyone because I think there could be something else in him. When he fires up he is BRIGHT orange. I've not seen a harley as orange as him
  5. Lizards
    Can anyone tell me what morph this is ? And what would be the normal (or a good) price for this animal. (It's a female about 10 months old). Thanks in advance!
  6. Genetics
    Can anyone tell me what morph this is ? And what would be the normal (or a good) price for this animal. (It's a female about 10 months old). Thanks in advance!!
  7. Lizards
    Can anyone tell me what morph she is? I can see some dalmation spots but not sure if it's enough to mention that or not when...
  8. Lizards
    Hi, anyone can tell me what morphs these cresties are? thnx 1: 2:
  9. Lizards
    ive finally got some pictures of him fired up so could you tell me what morph he is? pics dont do him justice really the colours are a lot bolder in real life thanks for any replies:2thumb:
  10. Lizards
    Ok so i bought this lil guy home a few weeks ago from my local pet shop as he was so adorable and had such character I couldn't not have him! Aptly named stumpy hehe, however since I got him I'm having a hard time trying to decide what morph he is?! When hes not fired up he's actually more...
  11. Genetics
    Got a new little gecko this weekend, having a hard time deciding on his morph though!, bags of character :) hehe, aptly named stumpy :P
  12. Lizards
    Who else has found these gorgeous guys totally addictive in every way! Started off with 1, now have 3 with 2 on hold for me :) boyfriend now has 3 with one pregnant :D : victory: What morphs do you have? :) Favourite morph? dream morph? I must admit halloweens and tigers are becoming my...
  13. Lizards
    Got these little babys a couple of nights ago and the breeder i got them off told me what morph they were but ive forgoten lol So here i am asking your good selves the almighty question "what morph are my cresties?" I have a rough idea of one of them that i named smudge as he has a dark spot on...
  14. Lizards
    Bought this little guy in Hamm and i'm just wondering what morph (if any) he is :-) With Flash (Coming up to shed in this pic) Without Flash
  15. Lizards
    what is this?:help: please help
  16. Lizards
    hello just wondering if anyone could tell me what morph my crested gecko is, was told flame, but anyone else think different? pics of him on links given C:\Users\Main User\Desktop\IMG_2875.JPG C:\Users\Main User\Desktop\IMG_2882.JPG C:\Users\Main User\Desktop\IMG_2828.JPG C:\Users\Main...
  17. Lizards
    just out of curiosity could any of you experts help me out with morph ID i've looked some stuff up but there are a couple that it could be from the website this is the web addy of the morphs that i found Crested Gecko Morph Guide - Gecko Resource Forums
  18. Lizards
    These are my new cresties that I got from Hamm a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure of morph though. When I bought the female below she was a lovely cream colour all over, but she has darkened down a bit now. Next up is my little baby who is looking female. Apologies if the pics...
  19. Lizards
    i got my lil fella a few weeks back and i wasnt bothered about the morph but im thinking what he is now he has big black spots and some lovely colours when flared up hmmmm possibly some one could tell me as i am useless with morphs hehe would just be nice to no :Dxx:blush:
1-19 of 24 Results