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  1. Lizards
    I've just re-homed a 5 yr old male Crestie, complete with viv which contains fake stone wall, astro turf, fake vine and some nice bits of wood. There is also a heat mat on the side. His enclosure is an Exo Terra 45x45x60. I'm going to change his set-up to bio in a couple of weeks, what I want to...
  2. Lizard Classifieds
    Can deliver Free/cheap to Somerset & Dorset / Surrounding Areas :) >Exo Terra 45x45x60 >Jungle Plant >Plant >Food Bowl >Water Bowl >Vine >Substrate >Heat Mat
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    It is with sadness that with reluctance i have to sell my vivarium and 3 x female crested geckos. I have had the set up for 3 years and the cresties for 2 years. All are stunning colours and feeding very well. All are at a breedable size and age and lay eggs regularly. I am looking for a very...
  4. Lizards
    Please can everyone post pics of your crestie vivs I'm looking for some insperation. I am planning on having a tall glass viv around 4-5ft (high) x 1 1/2 (deep) x 1 1/2 (high). As for decor I would some insperation so would love to see all of your crestie set ups. Although my new arrivals...
  5. Newbie Advice
    Im starting to get ready for getting my crested geckos, be option I have seen is to buy the setup in one piece. Looked at getting Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Terrarium Small 30x30x45cm just wondering if anyone else has bought from them or if there is another shop I could go for cheaper...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    here is a 12'12'18 exo terra glass vivarium i bought only 2 months ago as well as a b1 dimmer thermostat by microclimate, and an exo terra lamp with red bulb. aldo in it will be some fake plants and exo terra small water dish. all together iv spent over 100 quid on all this with just the tank...
1-6 of 6 Results