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  1. Lizards
    I have one Crested Gecko and for a while I've just been handfeeding him(?), but he's going on a year old now, and I don't think I'd be able to provide sufficient food through only handfeeding. He's quite jumpy and It's really hard to get him to eat without freaking him out, and I'm worried he'll...
  2. Lizards
  3. Lizards
    Hello, I'm new to breeding, so I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips in breeding leopard geckos and crested geckos. I will write the knowledge I already know, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about anything. Yes, I know the market is really overpopulated for these two species...
  4. Breeding
    Hi, Who is working on which Crestie breeding projects? We are currently working on: - Pinstripe Chocolate Blonde - 3 Colour Quadstripe - Halloween ==> Dit project zit nog in de lift en wij verwachten hier dit jaar nog geen nakweek van. - 3 Colour Extreme Harlequin - Extreme...
  5. Newbie Advice
    Hi guys, I have made a webpage with all information on Crested Gecko's you will need. They make great reptiles for beginners because of - They are very beautiful and interesting reptiles. - They are easy to maintain. - They are easy to handle. - They do not eat bugs. - They do not consume...
  6. Newbie Advice
    Well, i would go for a Crested Gecko they have many bennefits for the beginner like stated below: - They are very beautiful and interesting reptiles. - They are easy to maintain. - They are easy to handle. - They do not eat bugs. - They do not consume electricity. - It's hard for bugs reptiles...
  7. Breeding
    Hi, I have a lot of info about breeding on my website. Feel free to ask if you like to know more here on the forum, or on the site than i can help you out.
  8. Lizards
    Hi, I uploaded a video of a Crestedgecko getting born on our website. de pagina voor uw Wimpergekko! |
  9. Lizards
    Hi, i have all information on my webpage de pagina voor uw Wimpergekko! | if you have any more questions about keeping them than feel free to ask.
  10. Lizard Pictures
    :welcome: I am a happy owner of a Crested Gecko and I thought I’d treat him to a new bigger home as he has out grown his old one. (I am ore of a snake guy but the other half is petrified of them, so its was choosing between her or a snake. I know, tough choice to make :2thumb::Na_Na_Na_Na: Big...
  11. Lizard Classifieds
    I have 2 baby crested geckos for sale! They will be ready in August if they make 5g in weight by then I am away for the whole of July so gauging interest now!! Parents are harleys with portholes, babies are starting to show signs of portholes and one has a lovely yellow fringe. Both feeding...
  12. Lizards
    looking for some advice, i have searched and searched and can not find an answer to weather or not you can use aquarium plants in a vivarium. would these be harmful to lizards? specifically leopard and crested geckos? any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  13. Lizard Classifieds
    Looking for the following geckos Correlophus Ciliatus *0.1 Blond solid Pinstripe (with alot of white) *0.1 Extreme blond Harlequin (with alot of crazy pattern on the sides) *0.1 Red & cream (with alot of white) Nephrurus * 1.1 N.levis levis (Extreme Red ones) Uroplatus * 1.1 U.phantasticus...
  14. Lizards
    Hi, I was doing a cleaning at my terrarium when I found 3 eggs or they look like. They are around 1.5cm oval but the shell texture it is not the same like a chicken egg. But they are broken or some part are missing. Now I waiting to be dark to have a look if there are any babies or if not...
  15. Lizards
    Morning all... Will be breeding these two when they are of breeding weight.. Just wondering what type of morphs I could expect from an orange tiger, flame with a grey flame/Harley ... Pics as follows :-) (Obviously way too young to breed at the moment )
  16. Lizards
    Hello, Some confusion on here some time ago in regards to the morph of my crestie... I've got a couple of photos from tonight... I'm pretty sure now that 'Randall' is a she, she's around 8 months old.. So what do you guys think about the morph? Un-fired vs fired Thanks guys Joel
  17. Lizards
    Morning all Any ideas on the sex of this crestie ... It's 7months old.. Unfortunately I don't have a set of scales to confirm the weight ... Appreciate your comments Regards Joel
  18. Lizards
    Hello, Bought my first crestie two weeks ago... I've been using the exo terra 25w UVB for a few hours every day and the 25w exo terra night glow (purple) but leaving it on all day for heat... Central heating comes on in the night so all lights go out... Temperature seems regulated using this...
  19. Lizard Classifieds
    Same unfortunate series of events as is leading me to get rid of my snake "Bert" the crestie Lovely little orange harlequin With exo terra 30x30x45 viv Loves his black crickets Not so keen on fruit/repashys etc but will eat it Tame but sometimes jumpy Approx a year and a half old Come see how...
  20. Lizard Classifieds
    Male crested gecko for sale, not sure on age but around 20g, unfortunately he has lost his tail I'm not sure how as I bought him like it, he is very placid as they usually are and fed on repashys crested gecko diet and the occasional cricket as a treat, sale will also include his exo terra...
1-20 of 34 Results