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    Hi Everyone, I originally posted this thread, but I didn't setup the notifications properly, then had a lot of work on so didn't follow up. However, I'm downsizing and moving soon, and thus now need to sell my breeding crested gecko collection on. All the equipment has been sold, just the...
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    I have a number of baby Cresteds and some sub adults, babies about 1.5inches long, sub adults 2 to 3 inches, some lovely coluors on them, sorry no pics at moment, but welcome to view.... £25 for babies £35 for sub adults Please no time wasters Matt 07741924577
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    hey guys got 8 baby cresteds for sale all eating, pooing, shedding fine 1. Halloween £50 2. 3. 4. £45 5. 6. 7. 8. will post there morphs and prices this afternoon but if you pm me i can give you a price for them but there all really nice have a couple of Halloweens...
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    Just wondering how long can the gecko hatching process take? They were due to start hatching and when I checke this morning I noticed that the eggs were popped to start hatching and one egg had the gecko nose out, I went to work 6am and came home at 3 went straight in to check on them and no...
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    We still have lots of crested geckos available. They can all be taken to the Hamm show on the 12th of March. We finally updated our website again (the English version as well) so I don't have to give you our Dutch link anymore. BG-Gecko -- breeders of Eublepharis, Rhacodactylus...
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    I have 2 crested gecko hatchlings 1 from red harlequin x red harlequin 1 from harlequin dalmation x yellow tiger £50 each Both for £80. These are around 6 weeks old and are unsexed. 1 is a harlequin, the other a single coloured. Eating CGD. Collection from Buckinghamshire or West London...
1-6 of 7 Results