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crimson corn
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    After a lot of thought we are selling one of our corn snakes due to time and space now that we have moved. :cry: She's very friendly, sheds and eats well and is very active in her viv. She currently is in a 36" x 18" x 12" viv and this is also for sale for £30. We'll be sad to see her go but...
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    Although this lovely chap is for sale, it is important to me to find a really good home for him. He has been proven with a Miami het hypo previously, and they produced some exceptional babies. I am reducing my corn collection, and this is the only reason for sale. I dont often see hypo corns for...
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    thought id add a few new pics of my little crimson that i got from toyah earlier this year, he has grown loads!! when i first got him today i do love hypo miamis! x
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    selling for a friend a lovely pair of corns
1-4 of 4 Results