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  1. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi, I am selling my pair muddy eye crocodile skink. £100 each or both for £150 Collection from Bristol or can deliver in local area I will upload some pic later :)
  2. Lizard Classifieds
    Chameleons 0.2.0 Yemen Chameleons - £65 0.0.3 Mellers Chameleons - £200 0.2.0 Gracilis Chameleons - £70 3.4.0 Bearded Pygmy Chameleons - £28 2 for £50 0.6.0 Meru Jackson - £150 3.0.0 Meru Jacksons - £175 Dragons 0.0.2 Citrus Hypo Bearded Dragons - £40 0.0.1 Rankins Dragons - £70 0.0.5 Chinese...
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    Chameleons 0.4.0 Yemen Chameleons - £65 0.0.3 Mellers Chameleons - £200 0.2.0 Gracilis Chameleons - £70 0.1.0 Female Ambilobe - £105 3.6.0 Bearded Pygmy Chameleons - £28 2 for £50 0.9.0 Meru Jackson - £150 6.0.0 Meru Jacksons - £175 Dragons 0.0.1 Baby Bearded Dragons - £35 0.0.2 Citrus Hypo...
  4. DWA Classifieds
    Reluctant sale of my Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman.... Very sad to consider selling my croc but my 3 year old thinks she is a zoo keeper and is paying to much attention to his enclosure. The Croc is a fully grown male who is just under 4ft long and 5 years old but is not for the faint hearted and...
  5. Lizard Classifieds
    As above, male tribbie wanted to pair up with my proven female (she was mated a fair few months before I got her). Would also consider unsexed individuals.
  6. Off Topic Classifieds
    SKELETONS cleaning and articulating. Any type and size of animal. Professionalism and aesthetics. Ask quotation. I pick up specimens (preferably frozen) on Hamm and Houten. You can see pictures on my webiste: Galileo Ramos Wildlife Artist.
  7. Snakes
    Hi all - I am in a position to lay plans for next seasons project. This will be a large arboreal display vivarium. At the moment I have a small pool in a custom arboreal enclosure - which basically comprises of a Gorilla Glue lined polystyrene box ~ approx 40cm X 30cm X 15cm. It has a small pump...
  8. Lizard Classifieds
    I have for sale a VERY rare chance to purchase a young group of crocodile monitors (varanus salvadorii) 1.2.0 all around 1-1.2m with 80cm ish tail of course :lol2: I am selling them separately at £2000 each. 2 for £2800 or all 3 for a bargain price of £5000 There not a beginner monitor by no...
  9. IHS Doncaster
    Crocodile Skinks at Donny? Hey, just wondering if there's anyone taking any red eye croc skinks to Donny in Sept? Thanks :)
  10. DWA Species
    I know a lot of you guys do "venomous days" but it's my 40th this year and I've always said if I ever went down the DWAL route it would be for crocs, big ones too lol. I was just wondering if anyone does a similar thing as for hots with crocodillia in general? I think it will be a while before...
  11. DWA Species
    Anyone seen this?
  12. DWA Species
    Hello my names Clark and i was wondering if someone could help me? I am planning to got to Australia and work doing reptile pest control. I have got experience with snakes just not one of my favourite animals crocs! I am not aloud at the moment to own my own as im in rented accommodation so am...
  13. DWA Species
    Im looking at getting a DWA as would like to keep at least one dwarf caiman and was wondering if anyone had any advice as to the best way to create an enclosure for them, I know that they need land and water, what are heating requirements etc? If I fail to obtain my DWA then I'll use the...
  14. DWA Species
    Hi there, i'm completely new to all this forum posting and that so please be nice:lol2: ive been looking for some time into getting a crocodillian species im currently unsure about what i would like so any ideas on what species would be a good starting point would be much appreciated. i...
  15. Lizards
    Im thinking of getting some crocodile skinks in April and was wondering if anyone can give me some info on them such as-- price? how big they grow ? minimum requirements? what they eat / any supplements needed? social grouping ? are they good to handle? i know i could get this info from...
  16. DWA Species
    Im looking at getting a dwarf caiman croc but want to look at other peoples enclosures to see how to do mine, so any pics or info on the best starter set up would be great and any advice on set up for getting dwa license following vet inspection.
  17. DWA Species
    hi peeps i have been thinking about getting dwarf caiman for years now and finally i have the space to accomodate one, im after info like what size tank do i need to start with? tank/room requirments? safety requirments? any info will be apprieciated. im after a baby dwarf caiman. i have had...
  18. DWA Species
    Hi guys am arfta a care sheet for a female cuvies including size viv what percentage water/land and what equipment I will need and any info on these crocs as am looking to get 1 in next couple of years if I get th dwaany info or input wud b great thanks
1-18 of 29 Results