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    Boiga flavescens 0.0.1 CB20 - £150/each Boiga cyanea 1.1 CB20 - £375/pair Boiga dendrophila latifasciata 1.0 CB20 - £750 Boiga dendrophila gemmicincta 0.0.1 CB20 £200 Boiga kraepelini 1.1 CB18 £300/pair Experienced keepers only please. Please PM
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    Hi Folks, I currently keep Boiga cyanea, but am thinking that when I rehouse her, rather than dismantling what was a rather pricey viv to get started (live planted etc) I'd really like to get another smaller Boiga to go in it. My thought is probably a sub adult Boiga ceylonensis or...
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    2011 male D.melanota, probs about 7ft long going by his last shed, feisty but not psychotic chows down on weaner rats without hesitation. NOT A SNAKE FOR THE FAINT HEARTED OR FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO HANDLE REGULARLY !!!!! - £250.00 2013 female D.melanota , probs about 4ft going by her last shed...
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    Soma & Nyabinghi
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    Probably one of the most interesting, as well as funny videos I have filmed of all my animals over the last couple of years. The smell of the chick and rodent soup was driving her mad and she was trying the only thing she knew how to bring it in! Have never heard of or seen this before with any...
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    Pair of CB14 Boiga cyanea, bred by a friend, for sale. £320 - Only sold together. Still assist feeding, perfect condition. Unrelated to UK bred animals. Please PM me for more information (or message through Facebook). No time wasting please (I can dream, at least...)! ALSO AVAILABLE : CB...
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    Female Boiga nigriceps; CB 7/2014 45-50 cm long. Completely flawless animal, unrelated to the other CB that are and have been available at most EU shows (ie. not from Russian/Tula lines). Most likely of Sumatran or Javanese locale. Parents WC 2010. Drop feeding weekly, growing fast and doing...
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    'Male' Boiga cyanea available. CBB 31/8/14 Gorgeous little snake from F1 Cambodian locale parents. £200 50% deposit secures. Collection from High Wycombe. Rear fanged venomous species - No under 18's and experience required. Please PM for more information. Tom
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    Decided to let these two stunning girls go one is a proven breeder, and the other I have grown on and is pretty much the same size if not longer both are in perfect condition and in need of a male. one is relaxed the other is like a sterioded version of the hulk at all times actually find her...
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    All hatched in the last 3 days and still more coming.. These were also hatching at the very same time.. Very special babies as this is how their eggs were 'laid' - And if that was not enough...
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    From last months cleaning and snappings.. Boiga cyanea male Female in pre-lay shed for her second clutch this year Some of the eggs from first clutch started to swell and burst due to excess water. Still look 'OK'.. Will see what happens Random subadult Boiga blandingii male The Boiga...
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    Hi! Im lookin for 0.0.1 boiga cyanea from hamm next september.. If anyone is selling em please contact me [email protected]
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    After my recent drama with another species, I was very happy to see this lady finish laying these successfully, about an hour ago.. 13 in total with the one definite slug. They were quite cold and pink by the time I got her off them, so will see how they look after a week in the oven...
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    Couple more snaps from last 2 days feeding and cleanings. Female B. irregularis after pre-lay shed last night. Not long now Grumpy male Gravid female B. cyanea getting darker as time goes on Shy male Gravid B. cynodon. You can see the eggs in her 2 of this years babies The father B...
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    So i just decided to snap a couple more little piccies of the little darlings to share with you all :flirt: Hope you like !
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    Some of the females in my basement... that are at various stages of pregnancy. .. and a male mangrove snake standing guard in his usual basking spot Tom
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    Few random pics of various things in my Boiga / Fritzl lair... Fresh sheddings, feedings and breedings.. .. in no particular order.. Eggs on way.. Eggs on the way... Lodger.. Tom
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    Wanted : pair or more Boiga Cyanea - CAPTIVE BRED -HATCHLINGS / ( the younger the better ) or any info with regards to them being available at HAMM Sept 2013 as a friend is going and can pay/pick them up etc. Thankyou. 100% GENUINE - no ifs... / buts.../ or messing around... as this species...
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    I've made the hard decision to sell my female B.cyanea, due to needing the space and funds for other projects. She's a very big example (definitely around the 6.5 feet mark), and in fantastic condition. She always sheds in one piece and has never missed a feed with me. For a Boiga species, she...
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    I'm looking for both adult male B.cyanea and B.cynodon to pair up to my adult females. I'd be happy to organise a courier if needed! : victory:
1-20 of 36 Results