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  1. Lizards
    just wondered what sort of time cycle people use for there reps?
  2. Snakes
    With captive animals is there really a breeding "season"? Just something I have been pondering recently, as we control our animals environment we can in effect control when they perceive it to be a certain time of year and subsequently when it is time to breed etc etc. Does anyone do this to...
  3. Amphibians
    My friend was moving house and she had a young axolotl( around 4-5 inches ) that she needed to get rid of, so I said I would take him and picked him up yesterday. Obviously this is a problem because I have no tank set up for it. He is currently in a 30L, no filter, dechlorinated tank, but I am...
  4. Fish Keeping
    Im getting some axolotl soon and I was looking into a fishless water cycle and I thought maybe this is the best place to ask. I ordered a kleen off that is a ammonia cleaning solution that has no other chemicals or scents. I also bought a test kit and ph test kit and a bottle of bacteria that...
  5. Snakes
    Hey I'm new to ball python breeding , I'd like to know what all of yer cycles for breeding ball pythons are , any help much appreciated :)
  6. Newbie Advice
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and have just bought my first crested gecko after wanting one for some time. I have done plenty of research beforehand and I have decided I am going to keep the little feller at around 21-24 degrees and around 70-80% humidity. The question i pose is... Does the...
  7. Wildlife
    Hey guys, I went for a little cycle this morning, headed off at 5:30am... I will just list the wildlife I seen: 4 grey squirrel 4 deer Unknown duck species with 9 ducklings 2 swans 1 king fisher Loads of little wee birds Wood pigeon Sea gulls Lots of mallard ducks Female mallard with 2...
  8. Fish Keeping
    hi i have a new aquarium, with the aquarium i was supplied with nutrafin cycle and nutrafin aqua plus. used them both but i also have a pump which was in with a axolotl. would the sponge in the pump help form the bacteria if i put it in with the filter? tank i got is a marina style 60.
  9. Newbie Advice
    Hi there, Sorry for all the new threads I'm posting, but I thought advice here might be helpful not only for me, but other newbies. What's the best way to establish a day/night cycle for newly purchased snakes? At the minute our ceramic and the 'daylight' magnification lamp are both on a timer...
1-9 of 10 Results