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dalmatian crested gecko
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    Proven female Dalmatian Crested Gecko 50g for sale, she came to me 5 years ago as a frogbum, she is the sweetest gecko I have ever handled, very gentle and chilled out, nice chunky girl, age estimated at 8 - 9 years old.£80 or £100 with a 30X30X45 Exoterra with Java wood and plants, eats live...
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    Breeding pair of Dalmatian Crested Geckos, both frogbums - female came to me as one, the male dropped his tail after breeding. Female 5 years old, male 3 years old. Setups avaliable - £25 each.
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    We picked her up today love her :flrt:
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    Baby Dalmatian Crested Gecko, 8.7g, unknown sex (Born: September 2013) - £25 I rescued 2 babies late last October from a pet shop that should not have been selling reptiles. The set up was just abysmal. The owner had no knowledge of their husbandry. So, I've grown them on and the Dalmatian...
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    (Baby Crested geckos for sale) Location Mansfield £40 each Laid 28 August 2013 Hatched 30 Nov & 2 Dec 2013 Incubator time 94-95 Days Incubated at 23 C ( Incubator Temp) 71 F ( Inside Temp) Age 3 Months and 9 days of ( 9 march 2014) from my own breeding pair. doing everything they should...
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    I am selling my 3 yr old,4 in dec dalmation crested gecko and set up, 30x30x45 exo terra,with hood and 5% bulb and everything inside. working long hours means i cannot look after my reptile as i would like, i have recently downsized it from a large viv to the one she is temporarily in. It is...
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    For sale I have my male dalmatian crestie. He is possibly bi colour as he is olive colour but flares up orange on his sides. Pictures can be sent via email as I have reached my picture limit. He doesn't come with setup and will update later with his weight would say he is around 30 grams. He...
1-7 of 7 Results