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    After seeing DLE put this up on Facebook, I decided to share it on here! Here are your instructions. 1.) Go to 'wikipedia' and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2.) Go to '' and hit random. The last four or five words of the...
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    Giant fox caught in Maidstone - Telegraph
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    For a rubbish looking film. Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps. I cannot find the music but it was GOOD.
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    So this morning I decided to break it out. Here's some stuff I have MAGNIFIED! (see what I did there?!) The microscope itself, for just 26 quid... Looks awesome just as it is. The eye of a baby giant African land snail... Pixels on my laptop screen... The lights on the microscope...
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    ...Look at us and think "Christ you look tasty, I'd like to cover you in garlic and herb sauce, and serve you with chips, then maybe have the leftovers in a sandwich tomorrow" Or maybe a barbeque. Maybe barbeque sauce. Or maybe "I wish KFH existed" It's entirely possible.
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    My film into a competition. My short film will be judged by a panel of actors, musicians, directors and photographers, for entry into the Guggenheim museum. If you have not seen my video, view it here. YouTube - Jelly Frogs in an Earthquake
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    Just nabbed this from the BBC website...
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    Sad news BBC News - 'Psychic octopus' Paul retires triumphant :( *cancels account with bet365*
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    Hardgate, Aberdeen - Google Maps