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day geckos
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    Hi everyone, I am looking for hatchling day geckos. I am looking for blood blue color lines. Does anyone know of a breeder that has these?
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    For sale: 1.2 proven breeding trio of stunning Phelsuma Pasteuri day geckos £150 the trio and also one unsexed sub-adult £30. Also one lovely proven male big headed gecko Paroedura pictus £30 Feel free to PM me with any interest or questions also pictures on request.
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    Finally decided to sell these guys to go back to Chameleons. 1.1.0 Adult proven breeding pair, which currently have an egg or 2 which can come with adult pair if wanted. About 2 years old, fully grown and eating really well. Just £120 for the pair. I can deliver for fuel costs or...
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    HI, I am interested in buying one male and three to five female Phelsuma Klemmeri. I am happy to arrange own registered courier if this is a problem for you as I live near Edinburgh (EH22 1QB), and am used to organising transport. Please get in touch to discuss availability, age, sex...
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    i have 2 klemmeri 3 months old looking for £35 each.buyer pick up or arrange own courier. Davy
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    wanted proven pair gold dust day geckos pick up doncaster in november thanks in advance peter:2thumb:
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    Due to a change of plans I am reducing the number of day geckos I currently have. Collection only from Gravesend, Kent. 1) Proven pair of Gold Dust Day Geckos in a 45cm cube Exo Terra viv. Viv comes with Exo Terra light canopy & is fully planted. The pair were bought as a juvenile pair 6 months...
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    looking for day geckos and set up please in portsmouth area thank u .
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    Phelsuma Farm have a few geckos available from last season as well as a few others still available. 0.0.1 Phelsuma abbotti chekei – £60 each – juvenile – CB15 0.5.0 Phelsuma cepediana – £85 each – sub adults – CB15 0.0.1 Phelsuma lineata bombetokensis – £50 – CB15 2.0.0 Phelsuma lineata...
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    Pair of giant day geckos and viv £110 – Widnes Lovely pair of geckos and a 18x18 eco-terra viv both great feeders and lovely condition
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    Sad to say due to time constrictions I'm having to put up for sale my full Giant Madagascan Day Gecko set ups. On offer is everything i have, which I'll list below. A pair of breeding male & female geckos. x2 Juvenile day geckos in seperate Exo Terra Vivs (both were born around late Oct early...
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    female borbnica mater I year old no plans to breed her so quick sell. fairly tame and feeding well
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    giant day gecko hatchlings keen for swaps or sell for 25 quid each am in Bristol tel 07815038821
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    Phelsuma pasteuri 3-4 months old £40 Phelsuma lineata 4 months old £35 Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis 6 weeks old £35
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    young unrelated pair blue day geckos £150 no offers pick up teeside
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    Hi I have several Madagascan Day Geckos - Phelsuma grandis for sale. All bred by me. Selection of ages and sizes. The oldest (4 months) can be sexed they are £45 each. Younger ones cheaper. Contact me for more information. Jon
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    wanted female neon day gecko can pick up at doncaster show if anyone has any for sale please
  18. Lizards
    Hi new here, have kept tree frogs, etc before, now keen on day geckos or poss dart frogs. thinking day geckos might be better and would prefer smaller species, ie, klemmeri, williamsi?, or robertmertensi? In a tall 45 by 45 by 60 exoterra, but am having probs sourcing these within distance of...
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    hi red male for sale 40 quid or nearest offer can meet at Kempton tx me on 07815028821
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    price drop he must go my high red male phelsuma grandis
1-20 of 72 Results