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deep heat
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  1. Lizards
    Hi! so I'm going to be getting a deep heat lamp for my leo gecko that ill be getting soon and it's going to be on a mesh lid but I cannot find these white socket holder and silver holder that holds the entire fixture. video: the fixtures I mean are...
  2. Arcadia
    As per my previous post I'm building out an Ackie viv. For the basking spot I am going to use a 120W halogen, a Deep Heat and either a 14% Dragon lamp or a 12% Desert T5. I've been told Dragon lamps are best placed 40 to 50cm away, whilst the Desert T5 should be 30 to 40 cm away. Then I've...
  3. Arcadia
    Hi all, After a 7 year R&D project I am delighted to say the out true Infra-Red 'Deep Heat Projector' is now available. This is unlike any other other form of heating lamp. This E27 lamp projects I-R-A and for the very first time in this format I-R-B. This replicates heat from the sun and...
1-3 of 3 Results