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dendrobates azureus
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    A few Dendrobates Azureus are available for sale. They are approximately 10 months old and are well grown on they are all feeding well on springtails and pin heads etc.
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    Dendrobates azureus, dart frogs, 6 available (4-6 month old) £30 each
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    For sale: Dendrobates azureus, dart frogs, 6 available (3-4 month old) £25 each. Could deliver to Doncaster.
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    Hi all, Due to work commitments and a lack of time, I am regrettably selling my small collection. First up, Adelphobates castaneoticus 1.2.2 including two large tadpoles and any others I find in there Viv , adults are approximately 2-3 years old and the juveniles are approximately 3-4...
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    Hi, I've had my dendrobate azureus' for a few months now and they have three months apart from each other. I'd like to know what sex they both are as if they're the opposite sex, I will need to swap one of them due to them being from the same parents. Forgive me if the links don't work, this...
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    Looking for a mature female to pair with my five year old male - would also consider a pair. Happy to travel to collect from most areas
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    CB14 Dendrobates azureus Unsexed £65 Each
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    hi i had what i believe to be two female dendrobates azureus. one has always been skinnier than the other but in the last few days she started refusing food so i isolated her as i thought maybe she was being bullied by the other one but she still didnt feed. the second day of isolation she...
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    Dendrobates tinctorius alanis (x9 Avaliable) £45 Each Dendrobates auratus green spot (x4 Avaliable) £45 Each Dendrobates azureus (x6 Avaliable) £45 Each Whites Tree Frogs £18 Each Fire Belly Toads Unsexed £10 Each Bubble Running frogs Unsexed £10 each Narrow Mouthed Frogs Unsexed £6 each...
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    Now i know most people will say "dont ever cohabitate" " you're going to need a gigantic tank" etc etc but hear me out.... Me and a few friends are creating a "discovery zone" at a local childrens farm where they can come and learn about animals and how different animals help the world work...
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    Dendrobates azureus £45 Each (x6 Avaliable)
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    Dendrobates Azureus £45 Each
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    I have 7 froglets available currently at around 2-3 months of age eating and growing well, with around 8 more behind them, I can do them for £35 each or £30 if taking 4 or more Pm me for pics and more details if needed Buyer pickup only, I will not risk posting this time of year.
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    Adult Dendrobates Leucomelas for sale or for swap. Only £20 each or Swap for other colourful species of poison dart frogs. Preferably Dendrobates azureus, will swap 2 for 1 for this species only. Only willing to travel short distance for people who wish to meet half way for swaps. Thanks.
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    Saw my pair courting and both went into their coco hut after following each other, calling from the male and the female stroking the males back, this was about 1:30 and are still in there now. I am new to breeding darts and if successful will be my first. How long does it take for them to spawn...
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    For sale due to house move 4ft dart frog complete setup. Glass purpose built terrarium with front sliding glass doors, corner shelf and 3 inc mesh top breather, complete with gloss black finish two door cabinet with centre shelf, this is a high quality item custom built 5 months old, cost me...
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    Male and Female Wanted Surrey/Wandsworth Thanks Slawek
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    Have a 4 Foot Vivarium Set Up and Ready for Frogs. Looking For A Pair or 3 Dendrobates azureus at a Decent Price. Thank You.
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    firstly how much floor space would i need for a group of 3 Dendrobates Azureus (2 males 1 female) im going to be setting up a fully live tank and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on tank size, makes, where to buy ect. I like the Exo Terra tanks but is there any better options? And...
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    i am looking for high blue poison dart frogs babies preferably male and female and if possible a set up depending upon the price. thanks you to all who reply to this.:2thumb:
1-20 of 23 Results