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    Hello ! How can I contact those guys? I'm doing a research about the origin of my Pituophis and want to ask them some thing about the habitat ! :) thanks daniel
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    Hello, One year ago I received a nice female from Al Stotton, and, also if she's escaped right now (and Im hoping to find her very soon...) Im planing to buy a male for her. I'm reading that most of you are from UK, and wonder if someone will be in Verona Reptiles (North Italy) the 2 october...
  3. Snakes
    I don't know if anyone likes Mexican pines, but me I do deppei deppei deppei jani
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    Let me show some of my Mexican pinesnakes. To start Northern Mexican Pinesnake Pituophis deppei jani Al bred by my British pal Al Stotton. 1 year old female 2 year old female 3 year old male and maybe the best looking one I've ever seen, thx Al! And now my Durango Pinesnakes...
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    Only just got these but due to a change in circumstances i will not have room for these as adults now so placing up for sale im in no major rush as still young and will enjoy them as long as i can and if things change i will remove from sale .All from Al Stotton so quality assured. 2011...
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    Just wanted to show those because only few people keep them, Pituophis deppei deppei bred by the Pit King Mr Al Stotton A one year old female. Male was in a shed, so no picture of him
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    I let the pictures talk.
1-7 of 7 Results