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desert iguanas
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    Hi. I'm selling my sexed pair of 18 month old desert iguanas. They eat, shed and poo very well. I'm only selling as I've moved into a flat and not allowed pets otherwise u would keep them. The male can be handled very well and is a amazing climber. The female does take a min or two to get used...
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    Hi...Im STILL looking to buy a pair/trio of Desert Iguanas. Will travel to collect , cash waiting..... Please reply to Chris 07943 595156 Thanks
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    Hi, I Have 5 desert iguanas that need to find a loving home.* There is one definite male and the rest are still too young for me to sex. They are 6months plus in age, they are all shedding/eating and doing what desert iggys should do. This Is a very reluctant sale :( Id rather sell them as a...
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    Pair of desert iguanas For sale is my pair of desert iguanas. One is definitely a male and I believe the other to be female. Believed to be around a year old - which makes them difficult to sex yet. Eat well on greens and the odd bug. The male has lost part of his tail (the female has a...
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    Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to house desert iguanas together? If it is possible should I only go with female/female or male/female, or would I also be ok with male/male partnerships? Would they to be kept as a family (say 5 in 1 tank, mix of males/females)...
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    Took some new pics of my desert iggies and their home. Any opinions/advice on the set-up appreciated. : victory: I know Desert Iggies can be hard to sex, but i bought these as a probable pair and i'm thinking the male is the one at the back. Hope you like :2thumb:
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    picked these two beauts up on saturday, they are abit skitty but will eat out of your hand they actually jump over each other to get to the food first 1.1 desert iguanas hope you like andy : victory:
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    hey we're picking a pair of these up on the weekend hopefully, just wanted to see if any of you keep them and if so do you have any pics of your setups : victory: thanks andy
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    Desert Iguanas breeding pair. Male and female. Have layed eggs last year. Fed on diet of veg and crix, roaches, mealies and waxies. Both handlable :D £140
1-9 of 9 Results