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    Pair of pure diamond pythons (Morelia spilota spilota), bred in Germany. Four years old and about 4-5ft long. Great feeders. Cooled each winter.
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    Hi all. I'm looking to add to my collection from donny. Is anyone taking any gtp neo's to the show ? Any local considered really. Also. Is there anyone taking any diamond pythons ? I'm based in Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire & don't mind traveling for the right animal. Thanks. Jase.
  3. Snakes
    Quick vid of djcp girl :flrt:
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    1.0 UK Pythons 75% diamond jungle, proven breeder £300 1.0 UK Pythons tiger coastal £150 1.0 Marc Mense black and white jungle £150 1.0 Hans Winner jungle £200 All strike feeding on frozen rats Can be taken to houten PM for further details Diamond jungle Tiger Black and white jungle...
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    2004 male 75% diamond jungle £400 2012 male winner jungle £350 2015 male coastal tiger £300 Can be taken to hamm All strike feeding on defrost rodents. PM for more details
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    2004 male 75% diamond jungle £400 2012 male winner jungle £350 2014 female diamond zebra jaguar £450 2010 female red hypo jaguar £400 2015 male tiger £300 All strike feeding on frozen rats. PM for more details Edit: the photo's have gone a bit funny on upload - can email better quality...
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    Various Carpets for sale (price drop, updated photos): Uknown age 87.5% jungle jaguar, proven breeder, 8ft female. £280 2011 Winner jungle, 4.5ft female. £280 2005 Winner jungle, proven breeder, 8ft male. £350. 2013 Winner x Mark Harris Jungle, 4ft male. £280 2015 Jungle zebras. £100/£120...
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    i am after a pure diamond carpet preferably sub adult either sex, cash waiting
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    2007 50% diamond bredl het genetic stripe, proven breeder, 9ft female. £300 2004 UK Pythons 75% diamond jungle, proven breeder, 6ft male. £300 Uknown age 87.5% jungle jaguar, proven breeder, 8ft female. £300 2011 Winner jungle, 4.5ft female. £300 2005 Winner jungle, proven breeder, 8ft male...
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    2015 Pure jungle carpet pythons All feeding on defrost rat pups and small mice. Male zebras £180, female zebras £200, normal males £80, normal females £100. Will do deals on multiple purchases. *Please note photo's of adults included for your information, they are not available to purchase*...
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    For sale my fantastic pair of carpet pythons. 75% Diamond jungle jaguar stunning bright yellow pair ideal for a display or breeding project. both have been cooled fo the winter and hopefully should produce eggs this season. £300 I am in northern Ireland near belfast not where...
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    I have for sale 2x Male Jungle Zebras £75 each 1x Female Zebra £75 1x Male Jungle £30 1x Male Diamond Jungle Jag £50 1x Female Jag 100% het for Granite £50 Would prefer you collect but may be persuaded to deliver within reason! Male Zebra 1 Male Zebra 2 Female Zebra Male Jungle Male...
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    For sale: 0.1 87.5% Jungle Jaguar, unknown age, 8ft, proven breeder. £350. 0.1 50% Diamond Bredl, Rolf Mikkelsen line, 2007, 9ft, proven breeder, 100% het genetic stripe. £350. 0.1 75% Diamond Jungle, Paul Harris line, 2014, stunning parents. £200. 1.0 Bredl's python, Afors line, 100% het...
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    Hello, I have for sale a stunning male diamond jungle jaguar carpet python. He is roughly 4.5 feet and is three years old. He is an absolutely great snake to handle as he is very calm, he's never shown any aggression! He is pooing, eating and shedding as he should. I'm selling as I am making...
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    Last of the collection - 1.1 BCA 2010 £400 ETB CB2013 £400 Female CB10 German bloodline Jungle carpet (precision) £180 Female CB07 Mark Mense Black and white Jungle £150 1.1 CB13 Diamond pythons Pictures are all on threads in the classifieds, search my profile and they will be there...
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    Female Coastal Jaguar Zebra Carpet Python, 2012 ready to breed this year fantastic show snake, puppy tame 7 foot, eats and sheds etc great. £160. Male Diamond Jungle Zebra 2012 6 foot, puppy tame feeds sheds etc great, colours on photos don't show true colours. £160. Both bred by...
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    Male 75% diamond jungle jaguar! does everything as he should including been a breeding machine and would be a credit to any collection. The group picture shows him from a hatchling to now 7 years old £275
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    CB12 Diamond Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python Male £220
  19. Genetics
    Just want to confirm some genetics in the opal Diamon (phantom x het Russo leucistic) and breeding outcomes. Ok I know how double gene snakes work like bumblebee and when bred to a normal produce 25% bumblebee, 25% spider, 25% pastel and 25% normal....BUT is it different in opal diamond? Am I...
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    Female cb09 diamond x jungle . Eats , sheds etc perfectly . She is roughly 6-7ft. £150 Female cb11 jaguar . Eats ,sheds etc perfectly. She is about 5ft . £100 Will post pics tomorrow . Any questions just PM :2thumb:
1-20 of 166 Results