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    Thought I'd share a few pics of my new pony. He's a 14.1hh(ish) 3 year old New Forest x Cob:love:
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    Gonna see if this works.... SHOULD be a video of the mutt, but it's on FB and I've never used FB as my video storage. If this doesn't work, I'll upload to youtube *lol* ETA: Apparently not... *goes to youtube*
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    We went to The Pink Dog Show in The Village today... It raises money for Manchester Dogs' Home.... Our mutt was terrible... Not used to the noise from the speakers (various acts, music, and announcements), so spent a lot of time barking :blush: We didn't stay for the final crowning :whistling2...
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    We filled up Diesel's pool today.... He's had a good time :2thumb:
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    Well, Diesel is two years old today.... My little boy is all growed up!!!! *sobs* From this: To this:
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    One of Diesel's favorite activities is swimming.... LOVES swimming! So took him out to swim today and figgered we'd get some video footage *lol* Here's the first one (the second is uploading now) YouTube - Diesel swimming
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    Took the mutt out swimming today and brought the camera along :whistling2:
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    I went to the butchers today to pick some bones up for the mutt... And they had THESE!!!!! I just had to get him one! :whistling2:
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    I was playing with my new camera and I quite like this :) It's Diesel's right eye :2thumb:
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    Diesel is really good about learning new things, and even though he knows how to do this one, he really hates it... How about this for pathetic??? :lol2:
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    ...she's so photogenic!!!! :flrt: Here's some more Peri and Diesel pics!
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    Some new pics of the Tweedles
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  16. Other Pets & Exotics Pictures
    Diesel is all growed up now! A big boy!! The day we met our new baby... The day we brought him home Picked out his new bed at the store all by himself! Getting BIG! First trip to the beach..... Now it's the best place in the world!! Siiiiiiiit Wrestlin' is...
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    We went on a lovely walk this evening.... And Diesel, being the water fiend he is, jumped in to the nastiest bog thing EVER!!! He came out BLACK! We found another pond for him to jump in which got the majority off, but he had to have a bath when we got home.... :lol2: When he first got in...
1-17 of 18 Results