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  1. Lizards
    Hello We are using a halogen flood light for our basking spot light for a bearded dragon. The only problem is, we cannot seem to find a dimmer that is obtainable in the United States. Can any keeper here share one that we can use in order to get the correct basking spot temperature? Thanks!
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi all For Sale: I am having a clear out of things I no longer have use for and have the following: 1. I have 2 x Habistat Digital Dimming thermostats that are no longer needed, they are both In excellent working condition, Just no longer have use for them. They are both in perfect...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Habistat Reptile Light and Heat Thermostat - Dimming Thermostat / Thornton Cleveleys £30 **** USED **** Thornton Cleveleys Sophisticated Dimming thermostat, designed specifically for controlling light bulbs. The Dimming thermostat is one of the most accurate methods of temperature control and...
  4. Equipment & Supplies
    I'm looking at upgrading my thermostats in the next few months. I'm currently using a couple of Pulse thermostats but I was looking at switching to digital ones with automatic temp raises and drops for day and night. One less job in the morning that way! Are there any disadvantages to using...
  5. Equipment Classifieds
    New Version with OLED display. Available in 2,3 or 4 channel versions. 5 and 6 channel available in about a week. Automated Day/Night LED controller and dimmer. It can seperately control multiple channels ie Day/Night. For each channel you can set the start and end time as well as the time it...
  6. Equipment & Supplies
    Looking for a used dimmer stat in Wales Thanks Joel
  7. Habitat
    Hi all! New the forum here. I thought at least one of you might be able to help me with a problem I'm having with a dimmer switch. I've been putting together my own vivariums for the past few weeks now. It's a wooden stack made up of 3 enclosures. Each enclosure has 2 lamp holders; 1 for a...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    BRAND NEW Habistat High Range Dimming Thermostat. Never been used, Was a gift. All inboxes will be answered, no silly offers
  9. Newbie Advice
    I made a post in the equipment section of the forums and it has seemed to have disappeared and I have no clue why so I thought I would post in here (maybe I posted in the wrong section?). Anyway, I have two bearded dragons who live in different vivariums, they are around two years old and I am...
  10. Equipment & Supplies
    I have been nosing at this site for a while now and decided to join. I have two bearded dragons who are estimated 2 years old, they live in separate vivs. I am wanting to get a dimmer thermostat for them, I assume that I will need to get two due to them being in different vivs or can I get one...
  11. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi there, Due to an upgrade i have for following thermostats for sale. 2 x Habistat mat stats. These are fully functioning with a few minor cosmetic marks on them. They are about 14 months old. £15 each posted or both for £27.50 posted. 1 x Habistat mat stat. This is fully functioning with...
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi as title states wanted pulse and dimmer stats pref habistat if poss burnley area cash or can trades for snakes if interested thanks jamie
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    as above, brand new in box un used £30 if picked up £35 if posted?
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    As the title states I'm after a dimmer or pulse stat. Thank you, Paul.
  15. Equipment Classifieds
    Now surplus to requirements. 600w Habistat Dimmer. Working fine. £30 posted or £25 if you wish to pick it up.
  16. Equipment Classifieds
    One pulse stat with day/night option £26.50 delivered Two dimmers £ 36.50 each delivered All are habitat in excellent condition Paul :2thumb:
  17. Equipment Classifieds
    I've just purchased a snake and now need a dimming thermostat. Not bothered on the make as long as it works. Must be willing to post or I can collect close to Hinckley ie Coventry/Leicester area.
1-17 of 97 Results