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    Got a few thermostats for sale, they are white habistat Thermostats all in good condition. Two dimming 600w thermostats - £25 each Pulse 600w thermostat - £25 Two mat stats - £10 each Will do deals on multiples, happy to post or collection from Ashford in Kent.
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    This has not been used and is in perfect condition. It is the black version and has the facility to drop the temperature by between 3 and 12 degrees from the set daytime temperature. There are 2 sensors, one for the internal temperature as normal, and a light sensor that detects night time and...
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    Various reptile / invertebrate equipment for sale all checked and working well. £70 for everything or individual prices listed below: Habistat dimming thermostat (£30) 2X Komodo heat mat 65X28cm 35W (£10 each) Lucky Reptile heat mat 13 X 27.5 cm 7W (£4) Lucky Reptile heat mat 78 X 15 cm...
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    Looking for a Habistat Pulse stat or possibly a dimmer although a pulse would be preferred Must be either close to Ashford Kent or be willing to post Let me know if you have anything :D Thanks
  5. Equipment & Supplies
    I have a Microclimate Prime 2 and it's all working fine, however I was wondering is there a way to have a light unit switched off entirely when using the multi dimming setting. I've set up my baby Beardies bask light so the temperature is variable throughout the day which is all good until...
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    Does anyone have one of these for sale? I actually need 2 so if you do have one available please let me know!! Thanks in advance!
  7. Equipment Classifieds
    For sale; 3 X Habistat Dimming Thermostat 600w 3 X Habistat Pulse-Proportional Thermostat 600w £25 each. Used for about 6 months, in perfect working condition. Happy to sell single or multiples. £5 postage per parcel. Payment by bank transfer in advance. PM me if interested.
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    I have the following for sale: 2ft Vivexotic Vivarium - £25 ono • Great Condition • Beech Colour 4ft Vivarium - £50 • Good Condition, some chipping to the wood on the front. Just superficial. • Dark Beech Colour • Comes with: Ceramic light fitting, Heat guard and Habistat Dimming Stat. (No...
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    Habistat Reptile Light and Heat Thermostat - Dimming Thermostat / Thornton Cleveleys £30 **** USED **** Thornton Cleveleys Sophisticated Dimming thermostat, designed specifically for controlling light bulbs. The Dimming thermostat is one of the most accurate methods of temperature control and...
  10. Equipment & Supplies
    I'm having issues getting hold of the replacement fuses for the Habistat dimming thermostat. I can't buy from the Eurorep website as they only sell to trade customers. I emailed them asking for information of the nearest stockist and they haven't got back to me. If you are familiar with these...
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    I have two of these for sale at the moment, snap them up quick :whistling2 Be accurate with the ground-breaking Evo is the first touch-screen digital thermostat designed specifically for controlling the environment in reptile enclosures and brings many exciting new features. - 1200W (600W per...
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    I have for sale 1x 600w pulse stat for £20 and 1x 600w dimming stat for £20. I can post for an extra £5 per stat. If you have any questions send me a message and will get back to you as soon as possible.
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    Habistat dimming thermostat for sale - £20.00 used condition but plenty of life left in it.
  14. Equipment & Supplies
    I'm using a microclimate b1me dimming stat and I just noticed its making a buzzing noise, usually I can't hear much over the fish tank in my room but I heard it as I moved my head pass the thermostat. I'm not sure if it was buzzing before but it seems to be working fine keeping my 50w heat...
  15. Habitat
    is anyone on here aware of any systems or ways of gradually brightening an LED strip in the morning from 0% power at 5 AM up to 100% at 7 AM and then dimming the LED strip in the evening from 100% at 7 PM down to 0% at 9 PM so far all i have found is manual dimmers and regular timers, neither...
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    For sale is an unused 600w Habistat dimmer stat that I bought for a blue tongue set up I built but never got the lizard :( My pain your gain, selling unboxed unless I can find it in the attic of doom before it sells. selling for £30, postage will be £5 payment via paypal and I will post as soon...
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    Anybody interested in swapping a habistat pulse stat for my habistat dimming stat? Only used for a few days before I realised there's a minimum wattage! Can deliver if not too far. In Leicester Cheers
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    I have for sale a Microclimate Dimming thermostat for sale. Used mainly as a backup / spare incase of failure of my other thermostats. In all, It's probably had about 6 months use. £25 inc postage.
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    I have had a clear out and these are surplus to requirements. All are in great working condition have been fitted with new fuses. All prices are posted. 1 x HABISTAT Pulse stat 600W £25 2 x HABISTAT Dimming Stats 600W £25 each 1 x HABISTAT Temperature Stat 300W £20 1 x MICROCLIMATE B1...
1-19 of 81 Results