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diplodactylus tesselatus
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    Looking to sell my male Strophurus Krisalys & my male:female pair of Tesselated Geckos. The S.Krisalys is about 1 year old. Feeding, shedding and pooing with no issues. Looking for £100 - quite hard to come by, so grab yourself a bargain! :) The Diplos are both a couple of years old. Both in...
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    I have for sale 1.0 Diplodactylus Tesselatus. In perfect health; eats, poos and sheds with no problems. Great little geckos, very inquisitive and good fun to watch. I have 2.2 but looking to make my group a 1.2. Looking for £30. Please pm me if interested. Thanks, Jordan
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    Finally got them in today, I'm so pleased with the setup and the vivs (Built by Forteh!) and just hoping you can let me know what you think, and also to show off :P Anyway, substrate is coco fibre and play sand mix, couple of big stones, that can't fall over, and a couple of hidey places dotted...
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    Hi 2 all, im lookin 4 another 2 i already hav 1 n wud like 2 get he/she?? sum company but also im unsure of wot sex it is, ive found alil bit of info on the net and woz alil bit of help but if any 1 has 1st hand experiance i wud b greatful if u cud tell me wot its like keepin them in groups...
1-4 of 4 Results