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    UP digital ph controller with probe. Brand new in box, never used. £55 including postage
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    DISCUS 6.5cm £20 Each >Brilliant Blue Discus >Pigeon Blood Discus >Marlboro Red Discus >Snow White Discus
  3. Aquatics Classifieds
    FISH STOCK LIST: 27/03/15: ................................................................................. COLD WATER FISH: Zebra Danio £1.25 Each or 5 for £5 Leopard Danio £1.25 Each or 5 for £5 Yellow Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Goldfish £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Red and Black Goldfish £2.49...
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    up for sale are my discus there are 10 of them to are round 6inc and the others go down to bout 4inc
  5. Aquatics Classifieds
    after some discus what around
  6. Aquatics Classifieds
    Various tetra food for sale autobotsfire | eBay
  7. Fish Keeping
    My planted Discus aquarium. Any suggestions on how to eliminate algae without effecting fish or plants?
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    39" X 18" X 15" custom built tank with a custom design glass filter on the side, the filter is brilliant, a month withouta water change and my discus spawned, still have the photos somewhere, comes with 150w heater, 30inch light and unit, tetra tec 300 air pump and can come with the three blue...
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    stunning discus (turks) £25 each but would take £45 for both, they are in perfect health email for pics as im having trouble uploading [email protected] collection from newcastle under lyme staffs thanks
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    hi here is a list of fish we have for sale blind cave fish £1.50 each tiger barbs £3 each 2 gold algea eaters ones about 7 inches other is about 5 £10 each young golden angels £2.25 each about size of a ten pence piece Herichthys Tamasopensis £3.50 each Convict young 1.5 inches and up 50p each...
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    discus snakeskin 2" £12 each colbalt bule 2" £10 each super reds 2" £12 each blue face 2" £10 each ghost 2" £12 each super red turq 2" £12 each cardinal tetras £1 each 30 for £25 banjo catfish 3" £6 each bulldog plecs 3" £7 each corry sterbi £5 each TRUE colombian altum angels 5-6" high £35...
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    Top quality CB fish All our fish are fully wormed and hormone free 2" fish blue turq £8 each super red turq £10 each super pigeon blood £10 each purple colbalts £14 each colbalt blue £9 each blue face £9 each snakeskin £9 each super reds £10 each 3" fish super reds £15 each snakeskin £15...
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    adult female proven pigon blood checkerboard 5-5.5" £50 baby red turq, blue turk and leopard all mixed 3-4cm approx £7 each deals on 5+ blue tigers 2.5" stunning examples £15 each, 2 for £26, 3 for £36, 4 for £45 colection from cleveleys blackpool
  14. Aquatics Pictures
    White Butterfly Discus Leopard Discus Blue Diamond Discus Tiger Turquoise Unusual variation of the normal harlequin
  15. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi, I'm selling my Fluval Profile 850 tank in stainless steel. Currently housing my discus which are also for sale. Makes a very nice display tank. comes with Fluval M200 heater, Interpet dual outlet airpump with 2 bubble disc's, the standard Fluval 205 filter and also a Fluval 405 filter...
  16. Aquatics Classifieds
    Discus for sale Hi all, Have decided to sell up my discus collection. My job has taken off and I have a few abroad jobs coming up and I dont have anyone to care for them while I'm away. I'm based in Oxford so collection from there or I can deliver for fuel costs. Not really too keen on...
  17. Aquatics Pictures
    picked up 2 more pairs this week, a pair of white diamonds and a pair of malboro reds and some pics of my other pairs red passion pair blue diamond pair pigeon blood checker board pair leopard and red turq pair with there fry
  18. Fish Keeping
    some pics of my discus fry, they are now about 10 days old of the cone and growing like weeds, they are now stating to take a nice shape to them, there is about 70-80 of them
  19. Fish Keeping
    i finaly got a good batch from my discus pair, parents are red turq and ring leopard, they had a few bad batches with only a few hatching and ate them as there was not many but now they have a batch of 80 fry approx that are a week old now and feeding like little pigs some pics, the pics are a...
  20. Aquatics Pictures
    Just got a delivery of 3 new pairs of discus over the weekend, they have settled in fine now and feeding like pigs Red passion pair Pigeon blood checkerboard pair Blue diamond pair hope you enjoy :2thumb:
1-20 of 28 Results