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    Hi, I've got a bearded dragon who is approximately a year old; he only has three legs and is normally a hyper active animal - had him for 6months. This morning I woke up to find him walking around drunk and struggling to get about, he is rolling occasionally, dragging his limbs, very swollen...
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    come on be honest what type of drunk are you: 1. The fake drunk – the person that has one cruiser and decides to stumble and slur all over the place. 2. The happy drunk – the one that can’t stop smiling laughing and dancing in an uncoordinated manner. – usually gets lots of free alcohol as...
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    as thread says lol i think i am :no1:
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    ..By Jeremy Lion... YouTube - 12 Days of Christmas by Jeremy Lion
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    Bizarre story with a surprise ending -
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    ...a crocodile. Worthy of a Darwin Award...but he survived! :whistling2: