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dual top canopy
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    Hello, The fan on one of my ExoTerra Dual tops have started to get increasingly noisy. So I thought I should try to change it to a quieter one. Have anyone done this and got any experience to share, i.e. fan choice, how to get the old one out with out damage the canopy etc etc? Many thanks...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi all, i'm after a 90 cm Dual Top canopy, doesn't matter if it's working or not as i'll be modifying it heavily, just need the outer shell and reflectors to be in good condition, and hopefully the GU10 fittings to work, but not essential. Please note, this advert refers only to the DUAL TOP...
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    Hey guys anyone use one of these ? Basically just wondering if it have two seperate plugs? one for the uv tubes and one for the spots? Got one delivered the other day and it only has one but on the picture on the box it has two? Have i just got the older or newer version ? cheers, Ryan
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    Hiya i have a exo terra 60cm (2ft) dual top it comes with 2x2.0 UV tubes also has space for 2 halogen spots which will be required it also has the box im after around £50 for it, plus postage please pm me if your interested and if paying by paypal please remember to cover the fees cheers this...
1-4 of 4 Results