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dumeril boa
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    Thinking of selling our young female dumeril boa she's has not been micro chipped. I have spoke to cites and she would need chipping within the next 2 -3 mths. She is a fussy eater sometimes striking and smashing food and then hardly feeds at all.the lad we got her off fed her multis I've tried...
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    Unrelated M&F pair of Dumeril's boas CB14 eating/shedding as they should £200 comes with paperwork.
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    As I may be moving shortly to a smaller house I am considering parting with my pair of dumerils boas. This is a hard decision for me and the right home is more important to me than money so please don't be offended if I ask some questions. Pick up from Johnstone or can deliver within reason for...
  4. Shop Classifieds Happy New Year From Mypet pet and aquatics. Please take a look at our currect price list. Birds Gouldians Pair £ 65.00 Canary each £ 20.00 Cockatiels coloured each £ 20.00 Budgies young...
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    For sale is my beautiful male dumeril, 4 months old. With paperwork. A hard decision but the male wasn't the one I "ordered"- different pattern in the neck, and personality- Nothing wrong with this one, absolutely a lovely specimen but I know what I want :) and this cutie wasn't him (and I am...
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    2 sisters born 24/ 07/ 2010. Chipped with all relevant paperwork.
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    Had all the reps out today and weighed Jim, he's 250g now up from 160kg when I got him on 27th April. Love this little fella and he's growing so well :flrt:
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    My 10 month old Dum has just gone into blue again, its only a month since his last shed, is this normal for a Dumeril of this age? He's eating really well every 7 days and is in great health. I know they grow slower than normal boa's so just wanted to check this rate of growth is normal, seeing...
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    Jim update Freshly shed, up 40g since I had him and banging down 2 rat fluffs a week, growing nicely 8 months old and was 200g a few weeks back :flrt:
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    Very excited today! My first snake - a young Dumerils Boa is on his way being couriered to me for delivery this afternoon! Been wanting a snake since I was about 14, the dream is finally coming true at 36 today! Been researching for months on various species but it was always a Dumeril...
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    Adult Female Dumeril Boa (Acrantophis dumerili) 3 Year old 6 + foot Female Dumeril boa. Chipped and with full CITES paperwork. Awesome disposition, perfect health strike feeds on G-pigs Does everything she should very used to handling and not bred yet.raised from 3 month old by myself Reason...
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    She is 16yrs old and approximately 7ft long, she has got a 4x2x2 viv (she will need a bigger viv very soon) and a Plastic feeding tub and her certificate. She is a bit shy but handles well, a bit hissy when you get her out but soon settles will swap for: Female Crested Geckos Female Leopard...
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    Pair of breeding Dumeril Ground Boas, Proven Breeders, they are very friendly love being handled, shedding eating and pooing as they should, Micro Chipped with paper work, Message me for details
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    Just wondering what would be an acceptable/expected price to pay for a dumeril boa. 4.5ft ish not sure of sex. Thanks in advance!!! : victory:
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    Female dumerils ground boa chipped with papers lovely female strike feeds one jumbo mouse per week chipped with Cites paperwork £180
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    Okay so I have a baby dumerils, about a week and a half ago She started to make this weird air popping sound I've never had a snake with a respitory infection and unsure If that is what it is, also this started as she went into shed. Advice or can tell me what it is please :) Thanks ken
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    Hi I have 5 cb13 dumerils for sale they came back from the houten snake day All with cites paperwork and id paperwork trio £340 pairs £250 single £135 I have 2 males and 3 females so I can do a trio and a pair or 2 pairs and a single female
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    A little advice please. I have a Dums boa, around a couple of years old, about 2.5ft in length. Housed in wooden 24x18x18 viv with two vents at top. Heat mat under one third statted at 30 (hovers betwwen 28 and 32, cool end around 24\25) normally on aspen but changed temporarily tp papre towel...
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    I have some Dumerils Boas and Western Hognose for sale. For more info and pics have a look at my website Chris Johnson Reptiles - Chondros, Fiji Iguanas & many other reptiles! Collection at the CREAKS show on the 2nd of December or from Devon area. A reptile courier is also an option...
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    picked this little beaut up today. 8 weeks old. un named so far. pics dont really do him justice, his colours are lovely! my first snake :2thumb:
1-20 of 59 Results