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    As per title. Age isn't massively important, but preferably not a newborn.
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    I am having to sell my Female 2012 Dumerils Boa due to downsizing. She is fairly docile but has not been handled for a year (she gets hooked out for cleaning etc). Happily eats DOC or Quail but wont take mice or Rats (God knows I have tried). She will come with 6x2x2 viv and all accessories etc...
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    I have 1 male dumerils born september 2017 feeding on defrost small mice and day old quail was a hold back but have got another male now buyer to collect or use courrier
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    we have the following below, looking to sell on or trade for other species, were fairly open, drop us a message on 07464 714421 2- common boas cb16 small 1- Irian carpet 4ft male - tame cb15 1- Bredli python 5ft - cb 15 1- super caramel jungle jag cb16 1.2 dumerils boas adults with papers 1-...
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    I picked my little dums up on the 31st of December at 6 months old - not chipped. I was told by her breeder that she couldn't 'legally' give me the paperwork as the copy she had needed to be sent to Defra. So she took a picture of it and that's what I've got, and I never thought to question it...
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    1.2 Dumerils Boas. All CB09, females are from the same batch five and six feet long. The shorter of the two has a touch of orange around the neck area. The male unrelated VERY dark, more like Bournville, on the chocolate scale. All handle fine, tend to keep moving, have grown slowly,that's what...
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    I managed to get some photos of my Boa today whilst he was out for viv cleaning.
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    Anybody got a male Dumerils? Cash waiting Thanks
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    A couple of pics i recently took of my 2 boys... First up is Jim, my Dumerils Boa who is 3 in August, around 5 foot now... And this is Ernie my male Hypo Burmese Python who is 2 next month, closing in on 11 foot now....
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    The female 06 was originally from Coast to Coast, and a problem feeder, strike feeds on medium rats, approximately five feet and chunky. The pair were fussy feeders, but now eat defrosted rats if they are just left. About four feet, didn't add photo of them as they have just eaten a medium rat...
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    So, after much thought I have decided to sell my adult female Dumeril's boa (Acrantophis dumerili). She's CB 2010 so she still has a bit of growing to do, but she's a good size already and eating medium rats. Decent handler and does all she should. Chipped & has CITES paperwork. Looking for...
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    CB14 Dumerils boas available! I have 6.5 left available. Feeding well and fairly friendly critters! £95 each or £175 a pair! Based in Lincoln Courier and payment plans possible.
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    For sale is my beautiful male dumeril, 4 months old. With paperwork. A hard decision but the male wasn't the one I "ordered"- different pattern in the neck, and personality- Nothing wrong with this one, absolutely a lovely specimen but I know what I want :) and this cutie wasn't him (and I am...
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    I have an Adult pair of Dumerils Boa's for sale, both are puppy tame feeding on defrost XL rats. Come with all paper work and microchips. Female around 7-8ft Male around 6ft. £250 for the pair will not separate. Female Male
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    Hi All, Very keen to get my hands on a Dumerils boa. Does anyone know of any uk based breeders? Thanks in advance
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    Nice and big Male Dumerils :-) Bob
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    i am selling my young Dumerils, unsure of sex never bothered me to find out, 'he' a couple months old, had him since little always done perfect sheds, never missed a feed. his temperament is fantastic never tried to bite or even strike/ 'S-up'. will sell him with his Rub, hides, bark, water bowl...
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    Finally locked this morning, after all his persistence :2thumb:
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    Male and Female Dumerils boas, been housed together since August in the hope they will lock up. Male has shower aaaall the signs as he should. Currently in the cool down period before raising temps up again in Jan time. Reluctant sale as work dictates my future living arrangements. Vivariums...
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    I recently rescued a female dumeril's boa (Mid June) and I've noticed that she sleeps partially turned on her side and she has been basking more than normal. I did some research online and a lot of what she is doing relates to what a gravid boa would do (turning on the side during sleep, basking...
1-20 of 106 Results