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dumerils boa
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    Hello, I have recently gotten a year old female(I believe) dumerils boa, she only eats Doc frozen thawed and dawn soap washed quail and refused hopper mice. I haven’t seen many dumerils to compare but she seems small for a year old at 18-20 inches and only a little wider than my thumb. I am...
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    Born June 2016. Roughly 5ft. Great eater. Has been tap-trained. She's super placid, but is a bit skittish (she likes to 'run') when removing her from the viv due minimum handling over the past year. Microchipped and comes with official A10 certificate. I don't want her going in a rack system -...
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    Born June 2016. Last time she was measured she was roughly 4ft, probably about 5ft now. Comes with her 6ft (bioactive) vivarium and matching cabinet + snake hook and feeding tongs. Great eater. Docile temperament, but a bit skittish when removing her from the viv due minimum handling over the...
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    Hi looking to buy a dumerils boa any age or a pair. Traveling across most of the uk this weekend so picking up won't be a problem. Thanks
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    Born June 2016. Last time she was measured she was roughly 4ft. Comes with her 6ft (bioactive) vivarium and matching cabinet + all the equipment (heating, lighting etc.). Great eater. Docile temperament but a bit skittish when removing her from the viv due minimum handling over the past year...
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    I stupidly thought I would have my girl forever, but having a baby has left me little to no time for her. I feel awful for not being able to keep her for the rest of her life (which is what I committed to do when I bought her), but it's not fair to keep her when I'm struggling to keep up with...
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    Finally got my Dumerils Boa into his bio active first one. Still need to add more custodians, a trailing plant and maybe some air plants. Already i can see a change in his behaviour, so glad to get him off of newspaper :2thumb:
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    I currently have baby Dumerils from this year for sale. All are eating and shedding, and are all ready to go (with paper work). Please feel free to message me and ask me any questions. Thanks, Patrick
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    CB 2014 male dumerils boas £80 each eating defrost large mice come with relevant paperwork for photos send me your email address Dave
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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Dumeril's boa female, preferably adult . Must be chipped and have relevent paperwork...
  11. Snake Pictures
    Jim, gaining weight rapidly! Gone up 11g in 6 days!
  12. Snake Pictures
    Not great at photography and this was took one handed while holding him. I have cropped it and messed about with it a bit but I think he looks great freshly shed! Love this little fella :flrt:
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    Due to having to relocate I am sadly needing to rehome my animal collection. My male Dumerils needs a good home. He is captive bred and about 4 years old, 5 feet and in lovely condition. Very placid. I would like about £50 for him which is a very cheap price and what is more important is that he...
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    Due to having to relocate I need to sadly sell my animal collection. For sale here is a male Dumerils Ground Boa. He is captive bred, about 4 years old and approximately 5 feet long. Very placid and lovely markings. Buyer would need to collect as not keen on posting. £75 ono. I can be contacted...
  15. Newbie Advice
    Ok I have been researching and learning for months now on what snake I would like to keep and would like to hear others opinions. The snakes I have short listed are all ones I really like but wondering if any are better than others as a first snake (not first rep). Royal Python...
  16. Rehoming Classifieds
    I am selling / re homing most of my animals due to moving house. I have an 2009 dumerils boa - I have lost the paperwork so am aware I cannot sell this animal without it - hence the re homing for free! I would however appreciate some money towards his viv / decor - 3ft exotic - inc heating -...
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    i have 2 male dumerils left for sale. d.o.b. 18/9/13 both smashing rats or mice. stunning colours. cities a10 paperwork all present and correct. both parents can be seen. 100 each stansted essex. any questions please ask. cheers. chris.
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    Just a quick check up on my Dumerils boa's feeding habits and before anyone says anything, yes I'm aware this species can have feeding issues :lol2: She's about 6 months old, so far she has had one feed with me (two rat pups following the breeders advice) 5 weeks ago and has turned her nose up...
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    Available soon, A male Dumerils boa doing everything as should strike feeding large weaner rats, microchipped just waiting for the up to date paperwork to come through. £130
  20. Snakes
    I have a 7 month old female Dumerils boa that has not eaten for 4 months (have posted about her before). I have taken peoples advice and tried absolutely everything but she is still not interested (only strikes in defense), I can see she is losing weight and I'm starting to worry a bit to be...
1-20 of 78 Results