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    Hi, due to change in circumstances looking for good homes for the following Liasis mackloti – Macklot’s Python – Adult male - £50 Elaphe taeniura ridleyi – Ridley’s Cave Racers - 2 subadult males available £60 per snake Acrantophis dumerili - Dumeril's Boa young male - £50 Open to offers on...
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    1)Species: dumeril's boa, male (with paperwork and microchip) Size: 3feet/90cm Age: born in june 2008, so a little over 3 years old right now. Location: Kerry, Ireland (maybe able to get it to Dublin, pm to arange something, will try to see what i can arrange with UK buyers) Price:£120(150...
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    Hey guys ;) Any one have any idea where one can get these over here in UK?The Mandarin phase is amazing ;) Any ideas??:whistling2:
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    Here's my Dumeril's Boa . He's got to be the tamest boa I've ever heard of . The only time he's ever snapped at me was when I got him out while he was in shed and I'd forgotten . I put him back and 6hrs later he'd shed .
1-4 of 4 Results