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durango king snake
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    2012 Reduced black female £70 2012 Hypo male £70 2013 Super hypo male £150 2013 Reduced black het hypo female.This female currently only assist feeds on pinkies but is growing well,I feel it's only a matter of time before she begins to feed on her own.Due to this I will give her away free with...
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    i had the camera out and was cleanin out Jigsaws RUB so decided to take a couple pictures, they aren't very good but thought i'd show him off again. i cant wait to find a female... i'm so impatient, its really driving me up the wall
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    most of you are already aware that i have been searching for a female durango but i'm just making sure everyone knows it :lol2: age/size not important, needs to be 100% female because i'm looking for a mate for my male. thanks very much folks Helen
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    Sorry bout the quality, taken with my partners phone oh and PLEASE ignore the mess in the background of the pics... its been one of those days... it looks like i'm squeeshing him in this picture :gasp:
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    Thought i'd post a few pictures of my Jigsaw, just because :) the palace he currently lives in P.S. It no longer on the floor :P
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    Here's some pictures if my durango kingsnake when i first got him, i can't believe how tiny he used to be :) He looked so much smaller in my dad's massive hands this was when he got a little bigger, he realised he couldnt quite fit inside the little dish heh having his nom hope...
1-6 of 6 Results