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  1. Lizard Classifieds
    I'd prefer an older one, but are there any female Phelsuma laticauda for sale atm? as close to derby/notts as possible please :)
  2. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi, I'm in the process of building a new table (its an absolute beast, pine, two tier mezzanine floor, the works ;) ) and will be freshly decorating it.... For my old table I used a pre-mixed "for tortoises" soil and sand substrate, which is great..... but it creates a lot of dust on the...
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    C/B 2014 Gold Dust Day Geckos, 4 available, £35 each. Would love to keep these little guys, but unfortunately the lack of space means I cannot. These fellas are really bold, (unlike the parents) and are always out and about. They've been kept happily as pairs after being separated...
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi all, we are looking for gold dust day geckos preferably a pair, but all will be considered. Please let us know if you have any available, we will be at Doncaster later this month!
  5. Lizards
    Hello! Hope everyone's day is well (: I recently adoped a 1 year old beardie from a friend and I have no dust for him :( I have him in a viv with a uv bulb and heat bulb. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what dust to use to supplement his food. I found a few on eurorep which I...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    Should I dust the locusts and how many do I feed to the scorpion. What size should the locusts be, I have small and medium. Cheers
  7. Lizards
    Is the calcium dust (Vetark Calci-Dust) you get from pets at home "good stuff" ? Also am i right in saying use that 5 times a week and neutribol twice a week ? If so is pets at home vetark neutribol again ok to use ?
  8. Lizard Classifieds
    I have 9 P. laticaudas, various ages up to 5 months old, £30 each discount on multiples.
  9. Avian
    One of my chicks has been 'bathing' in anything soft, such as blankets. It's the kind of behaviour seen when chicks are in dust baths. I read somewhere that they can have dust baths from an early age but I'm unsure of what age is usual & what sort of sand to use. They're four & a half weeks old...
  10. Snakes
    Hi guys i've been having problems keeping the humidty up to 40 and 50 percent in three faurnariums which i keep two corn snakes and a north american rat snake cross i spray the cages twice a day morning and evening and the cages have a large piece of tin foil (to keep the humidity in) on the lid...
  11. Lizard Classifieds
    I have several young adult Gold Dust day Geckos (Phelsuma laticauda) for sale, males and females, all captive bred by me from two totally unrelated bloodlines. They are £40 each or £70 a pair, please email me at [email protected] Collection from Bristol or I can courier for an...
  12. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi there I have some baby Golddust Day geckos (Phelsuma laticauda) for sale. They are from two unrelated bloodlines and around 3 weeks old now. All are feeding well on sugar solution and dusted fruitflies, they are £50 each and ready to go now, collection from Bristol or I can courier for an...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    Hi everyone, I have for sale 3 beautiful corn snakes. All cheap as must go ASAP. First up is my male '10 Golddust stripe - £50 Secondly my '09 proven male Golddust het stripe - £50 Lastly, my '10 female Golddust Motley poss het stripe, stunning girl - £65 Any questions please feel free...
  14. Lizards
    This may seem like a stupid question to many of you but........... Can i put a dish of the same dust I use on the feeder insects inside the vivarium or is it a different kind of powder that you put inside the vivarium. Thank you. :2thumb:
  15. Habitat
    Is Space Board Dangerous to you when you are carveing it for a fake rock wall project ? as my family would not belive me even tho they know nothing about the stuff :lol2:
  16. Shop Classifieds
    We are offering 20% off all Vetark Supplements. Our normal prices are already very cheap but there getting even cheaper for a limited time only. To make the most of this offer follow the few simple steps: 1, Register as a customer at Home - Urban-Exotics 2, Add your vetark supplements to...
  17. Lizards
    At my petsmart all they have is reptical with d3.!! It says i can only feed twice a week but I heard theres calcium that is just calcium .They dont have that!!!ahh. can anyone send me a usa link that will mail it out to me if i buy online?
  18. Lizards
    Been feeding my 8 week old Leo crickets for the past week or so since Ive had him, I use the tube from my other halves cricket keeper to coax them out of the box & dust them. Ive bought a box of small locusts for him this week, how do I go about getting them out & dusting them? I havent got a...
  19. Lizards
    How often should i dust my crickets with Nutrobal?I have a dish of calcium in my geckos viv,and i was told to dust with nutrobal,but not sure how often i should be doing this.Thanks in advance for any help :)
1-19 of 19 Results