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    I have a lovely black dutch rabbit that I am willing to give up for free to a good home :) Hes lovely and has been a family fav !! :2thumb: Has to be sold due to lack of space etc lovely rabbit never bitten and great with kids :flrt: Plz Plz PM if interested this little guy needs a home :)...
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    Hi, I am shady and i'm not from the UK, i'm from holland. I own some snakes Cornsnakes etc.. and i'm soon going to build new racks for more XD I registered to this forum because there are not many people from holland that are in the hobby, this community is much bigger. Excuse me if my typing is...
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    I have 3 Dutch Rabbits that need new homes please... 1 x Black & White male, about 2 years old 1 x Agouti & white male....born 22 May 2010 & Hand-Reared 1 x Agouti & white Female...born 22 May 2010 & Hand-Reared. £5.00 Each
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    I have 1 Male agouti dutch rabbit which was born on the 22 May 2010 and was handreared by myself, therefore he is slightly smaller than a normal sized dutch. Needs some handling, but can be picked up. Free to a good home.
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    I have 3 male Dutch Bunnies that I hand-reared by myself. 2 x Black, 1 x Agouti, Born 22 April 2010 (so 8/9 weeks old) Fully Weaned onto Dried and Green Food. £25.00 Each SILLY TAME, VERY FRIENDLY &.....BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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    Hi, I have 4 kits for sale left out of 6. There are 3 agouti (wild colour) girls that look like lionlops, 1 male agouti that looks the same and a sooty fawn girl which has lopped ears but has a dutch shape - very odd litter lol, please look at my site for pics and you'll see what they look...
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    I have 10 babies ready to go first week in May...
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    does anyone have a baby dutch rabbit? or know of anyone expecting any? prefer local. willing to pay. have a very large indoor cage waiting and lots of love.
1-8 of 9 Results